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Erotic modell railroad

Lets be fair to the Germans - they invented the sexyness of the model-railroad, and now they've taken it a bit further.

I remember back in the early 1970ties where the different manufacturers would put a kind of "easter egg" on their exhibition layouts; mainly in those days presented at the Nürnberg Toy Trade Fair in January each year.

The "easter egg" consisted of some Preiser or Merten figures that would be involved in some kind of "risque" nude action. ( At that time not even sex action - just nudity ).

Magazines like MIBA ( Miniaturbahn ) or Eisenbahn-Journal would then bring fotos of these scenes in the reports from the Trade Fair; - thous giving the manufacturers an extra coverage.

If you take a look at the "Messe-Heft" - the spezial edition devoted to the Trade Fair from the 1960ties and 1970ties you'll find many such examples.

Of course by todays standard they were pretty lame.

Often it only involved a nude / semi-nude woman taking a bath in a lake, sun-bathing or posing as a model for an painter.

Spiegel wrote an article ( German ➚ / English ➚ ) about the 2007 Toy fair and the erotic elements.
Hardly anything new, but with some rather witty text : "...A man and a woman are having sex on a red blanket, in the missionary position. The man moves his buttocks and needs between 14 and 16 volt to do so, AC or DC. ...".

Erotica from 1950ties

But erotic model-railroad dates further back.

In adverticing the Germans could also muster some sauciness in January 1959, although these were made by a dealer from the USA ( of German ancestry ) ( thanx to "J" for the link ➚ ) :
Fleischmann USA ad
( Click on picture to get full-size view. )
"The one truly complete line .... designed to give you more and better of everything".

Item 10 is the model, who in fact is none other than burlesque-queen Blaze Starr whose life was portrayed in the movie Blaze ➚ with Paul Newmann.

Could be compared to if a well-known starlet, perhaps not rated "XXX", but most surely rated "XX", was figuring in ads in 2014.

Fleischmann had another model too : Carrie Abbott :
Fleischmann Carrie Abbott
( Click on picture to get full-size view. )
"The H0 line with EVERYTHING from A to Z . . ."
Did you notice the tongue-in-cheek comment : "Item R - No phone number"

There is a long but interesting story ➚ behind these ads and the dealer behind the ads: Charles C. Merzbach. When one of his ads were banned ( Blaze Starr in a bikini ), he posed himself :

Fleischmann Charles Merzbach

USA - politically correct ?

Several of my model railroad friends from the USA have always stated that the German erotica, that you can see below, would never be permitted on a layout in the USA - at least never on a layout that was on public display.

But - I found these examples of typical US-style buildings and US-style adult stores / bars :
leave it to beavers leave it to beavers booobie hatch hooters and shooters mugs and jugs pirate club rack room rack room twin peeks
All 9 pictures found on the internet and are © the owners.

Why Germany - why Germans ?

Well - the "Naturist - Nudist" ( FKK ) segment has always had a strong following in Germany; 100 % nude beaches, camp-sites etc.

In German public saunas it's ok to be nude; and the saunas are mixed; although some caters for same sex areas.

So the, or at least some, Germans are not so "Victorian" regarding nudity.

Stand to reason that the model-railroad shouldn't be so different than the world it's trying to model.

Some of my German friends have, after reading this page, said that they don't think it is a German "thing" - it is a "man" thing because model-railroads is a "man" thing. I tend to disagree because I haven't seen this railroad erotica in the UK or in the USA.

Manufacturers like PREISER and MERTEN from early on made figures of people sunbathing at the beach so it was fairly easy to paint these figures all naked. Rest is up to the layout-makers imagination.

But soon PREISER sold the FKK-set's ( Nudist set ) as well as the on-the-beach sets.

Noch - Viessmann - Busch

NOCH - however - was the first to make it really sexy with the "Sexy Scenes Series" which appeared in 19XX.

NOCH in their adverticing only uses "symbols" :
noch sexy series
Picture © NOCH.

However, surfing the internet, you'll quickly find what's inside the plastic box.

I must admit though, that I found it a bit funny that a internet-shop ( from the USA ) wrote about these sets:

Noch also introduced some "saucy" sets, fx. set 15959 :
noch sexy series
Picture © NOCH.

Now almost forgotten but MERTEN as item number 3000 launched in 2007 the "Abends im Zelt" :
merten abend im zelt 3000 ➚ has further photos and even a video of the motion.

Also forgotten is LH Modellbautechnik that in 2008-2009 made some sexy scenes : "Liebespaar am Auto" - "Liebespaar am Baum" - "Liebespaar auf Bank Set 1" - "Liebespaar auf Bank Set 2" - "Liebespaar am Auto" - "Liebespaar am Brunnen" - "Liebespaar am Holzstapel" :
LH Modellbautechnik Liebespaar am Auto LH Modellbautechnik Liebespaar am Brunnen

VIESSMANN then made their 1:87 scale figures move in the "eMotion" series.

First just a beer-drinking guy lifting the right arm, or a train-dispatcher raising the clear signal, but soon many more were produced.

Apparently - anything that moves can be made to move in scale 1:87.

So what would be more natural than to combine the "Sexy Scenes" from NOCH and Viessmann's eMotion ?

Viessmann did it in 2007 and 2008 with item 5001 "Sexy Lovers on cover" and item 5004 "Sexy Lovers in bed" :
viessmann Sexy Liebespaar auf Decke Sexy Lovers on cover viessmann Sexy Liebespaar im Bett   Sexy Lovers in bed

Viessmann has videos of the "action" on their YOUTUBE channel : Viessmann Video

Busch ➚ launched their "Sex-Shop" plastic kit, item # 1004, in 2006 :

busch sexshop

Busch also produced - item number 5425 - a sexy caravan "Spiel-Mobil" :
Busch spielmobil

In 2016 NOCH introduced yet another dimension - sound.
( "Sexy sounds" - item number 12899 )
Noch Sexy sound 12899 Noch Sexy sound 12899
Pictures © NOCH.
NOCH has a video of the 12899 on youtube

I wonder how NOCH selected the sound - was it specifically made for NOCH, or did NOCH use sounds from a XXX-movie - and how many xxx-movies did the NOCH-people have to watch in order to select the sound they wanted ?
It is hard work, but someone had to do it. Any volonteers ?

Update February 2017 : I spoke with the NOCH people at the Nürnberg Trade Toy Fair and they revealed that the sound was "taken" from a public domain sound file - found on the internet.

Märklin is also erotic

Märklin, sometimes with a little help from local dealers, has also made some saucy railroad cars :
Beate Uhse LKW Märklin 47415-10
Lorry from Märklin 47415-10 - Rollende Landstraße / Rolling Road.

A Danish toy store, Randers Hobby Import ➚ had these 2 Märklin cars produced in 2007 :

Sloggi Märklin 4415-483
Märklin 4415-483 - Sloggi
Triumph Märklin 4415-484
Märklin 4415-484 - Triumph

although the cars never existed in real 1:1 scale. The dealer now in 2015 has no more model trains.

Newton foto Märklin 4481-94709
Märklin "Helmut Newton - Smoking Nude" 4481-94709 <

But these cars / items are often just repeating general adverticing in newspapers and magazines, and of course we all know that "sex sells".

The closest Märklin officially has gotten to ( implied ) erotica is their presentation of 4MFOR military models in 2007 :
4MFOR models

and the wallpaper from June 2008 :

märklin wallpaper june 2008


Roco also points out that "It's a mans world", although now we clearly are in the "sex sells" department :

roco blonde girl roco dark haired girl
"It's a Mans World" - "So begeistert Sie Männer spielend"

That industrial products would use female eye-candy is hardly surprising :

from IMA koeln 2014
( From "IMA 2014" in Köln )

I am not 100 % sure that this is a joke, or for real, but still . . .

Märklin werbung joke ??
"... damit du auch mal zum Zug kommst ! "
" ... so that you also will have a chance ! - [ so that you'll get lucky tonight ! ]"

Model race cars

Model-railroads are not alone with the sexiness. Take a look at the piece of track Carrera ➚ ( Model electric race cars ) sold in 2011-2012 together with 1:32 models of sexy pit-girls :

carrera sexy track
carrera pit girls boxenluder
At least these pit-girls are just a copy of the real world.

Talking about "slot" cars. [ Pun intended ]

The future ?

What will be next ? Stay tuned.

But it seems that at least VIESSMANN will make buildings with more moving figures; i.e. the "Table Dance Bar Eden - item # 66506" where there are a couple of pole-dancing semi-nude woman going round and round and round and round..........

The master : Miniatur-Wunderland

Miniatur-Wunderland ( MiWuLa ) in Hamburg, Germany, has made it quite an event to incorporate sexy and saucy scenes into their big layout; varying from the quite obvious where you even, as a spectator, can push a button to get the "action" rolling to the almost hidden ones, that you really have to "work" to find; i.e. a scene inside a house, that only can be seen if you look through a window at the right angle.

MiWuLa even made an April fools joke about in in 2014, claiming that the supreme court in Hamburg had ordered them to cover up all the sexy figures / scenes :
Youtube video - Miwula Zensur ➚ - and from Miniatur-Wunderland website. ➚

But the German TV had before that already made the sexy scenes into a story :
Youtube video - Sex scenes in Miniaturwunderland

How many sexy / saucy scenes are there in MiWuLa ? No-one really knows, but its quite a lot.

Last comments

One last thing.

I know that people from all around the world will look at this fenomenon quite differently.

Some will be outraged - some will be amused.

I can't help about that.

There will always be someone - somewhere who can and will be offended.

As a stand-up comedian ➚ very accurately has expressed it : [ from 03:38 ]

If you say : "I want to live in a democracy and I never want to be offended". Well - then you are an idiot.

I am only writing about what already is there in the wonderfull world of model-railroading.

And to be honest - I hadn't thought there would be so much to write about.

To each his own poison.

Of course there is and has been many examples of pin-up girls with railroad themes; but that is railroads in scale 1:1.

However there is this exception to the rule :

pin-up pinup pin up model railroad

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