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USA : New York : Ruth Nathanson

Updated : April 19, 2015

"The Merci Train" - "The Gratitude Train" - "Train de la Reconnaissance Francaise"

Table of Contents :

Small stories :

David C. White - Farmer in Kansas Ruth Nathanson - High school senior from New York City

Individual states :
Bold = new content. (G) = can be seen on Google Streetview.

Arizona - Alabama - Arkansas (G) - California (G) - Colorado - Connecticut - Delaware (G) - Florida (G) - Georgia - Hawaii - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa (G) - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana (G) - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Minnesota - Mississippi - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska - Nevada - New Jersey - New Hampshire (G) - New Mexico - New York - North Carolina - North Dakota - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon (G) - Pennsylvania (G) - Rhode Island - South Carolina (G) - South Dakota (G) - Tennessee (G) - Texas - Utah (G) - Vermont - Virginia - Washington (G) - Washington DC - West Virginia (G) - Wisconsin - Wyoming (G).

During my research of the "Merci Train", that also came to include the "Friendship Train",
I have come across several small, but significant stories about persons, towns & events
that were too remarkable to be left untold.

This is one of these stories :

Ruth Nathanson

Where the newspapers disagree I have mentioned both/all facts given.

During the "Merci Train" celebrations in New York City on Thursday, February 03, 1949, one of the more spectacular ( being in 1949 ) events at the official reception at City Hall was a short-wave radio communication between a French boy in Paris and an American girl from New York.

The boy was Pierre Brig-ea / Grigeaux what

The girl was 17 year old Ruth Sara Nathanson living on 87-03, 150th Street, Jamaica, Queens from "Forest Hills High School", senior class.

Ruth Nathanson also delivered a speech in French in honor of the French delegation.

I've located the "1949 Yearbook" from "Forest Hills High School" where Ruth Nathanson is mentioned on the following pages :

merci gratitude train new york ruth sara nathanson merci gratitude train new york ruth sara nathanson "Class history" where Ruth is mentioned on the right page :

"... the French nation's grateful 'Merci America' train: Ruth Nathanson saying 'thank-you' via short wave for the students of our country to those of France ..."

merci gratitude train new york ruth sara nathanson Ruth Nathanson
was voted
"Most versatile"
merci gratitude train new york ruth sara nathanson Year book photo.

merci gratitude train new york ruth sara nathanson Ruth Nathanson
was on the
"Names Committee"

Year book photo :

merci gratitude train new york ruth sara nathanson

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