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USA : Ohio : Durand

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Michigan has its own table of contents :

  • HOME - Michigan
  • Durand - Rail-fanning.
  • Owosso - Steam Railroading Institute.
  • My POI's from Michigan : Google Earth kmz-file
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  • Michigan might not be the state that have the most rail-traffic and rail-fanning places, but there are quite a few nice railfanning opportunities - Durand Union Station - Michigan Railroad History Museum being one of them.

    durand union station

    As I've indicated, Durand is worth a detour. The actual traffic is not so heavy, much less than i.e. Fostoria, but Durand is on the main line between Canada / Detroit and Chicago. There is also a few AMTRAK trains actually stopping at Durand each day.

    There are three main attractions, as I see it.
    • You can "legally" rail-fan at the station just next to the rails. The station will provide shelter 24/7 and there are restrooms during opening hours. The neighborhood is nice and quiet.
    • The station building is truly one of a kind. Restored and wellkept.
    • The station itself has a museum with many interesting things and displays.

    While getting to the Durand Union Station will require some navigating through local streets, once there you get free parking and plenty of foto-spots on the platform.

    There is an annoying metal fence between the platform and the rails. Since the station is within the city limits the trains can not sound their horns, so you have to be a bit alert. Luckily the trains are not allowed to pass the small diamond at full speed, so they have to slow down to about 30-40 MPH.

    durand union station diamond

    There are some nearby crossings that might be helpfull in warning you.

    Durand is also one of the few stations left that have a AMTRAK service; the Chicago-Port Huron line.

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    The station building is truly one of a kind. Beautiful architecture and a lot of well-kept details from when it was most used.

    durand union station letter boxes

    To quote :
    "During the early 1900's when the railroad industry was at its peak, 42 passenger trains, 22 mail trains, and 78 freight trains passed through Durand daily. Durand Union Station handled approximately 3,000 passengers per day, making it a prospering hub of the industry."

    Sadly there is only little evidence left of these days in Durand.

    durand city

    Next to the police station there is a locomotive ( GTW # 5632 ) and a GTW baggage car ( # 8812 ) on display, and an old signal box has also been allowed to remain.

    durand GTW 5632
    durand GTW baggage car 8812
    durand signal box

    You can support the Durand Union Station - Michigan Railroad History Museum by becoming a member of the "Durand Union Station Inc.". Download the 2013 application form.

    One you can read more about the railroad in Durand in the RR POV ( Railroader Point of View ) section where there are many links, fotos, videos and comments. also has its own Youtube Channel - but there is not a lot of railroad videoes - mostly local news.

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