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USA : Ohio

Ohio has its own table of contents :

  • HOME - Ohio
  • Fostoria
  • Mad River Museum - Bellevue
  • Norfolk Southern (NS) in Ohio
  • CSX in Ohio
  • My POI's from Ohio : Google Earth kmz-file
    [ Version 2014-01 ]

  • There is quite a lot of railroad "action" going on Ohio.

    The 2 main freight railroad companies Norfolk Southern (NS) and CSX both have many freight yards in Ohio.

    While Ohio seems, and is, quite flat, and doesn't seem to have any particular railroad interests, Ohio has quite a lot of freight yards, and some interesting museums; especially in the north.

    Ever since Detroit in Michigan, almost on the border to Ohio, has given up its status as "Motor City", car production plants are spread out all over the mid-west. The freight yards in Ohio therefore have a significant number of auto-transport facilities.

    Several main lines cross eachother in Ohio, so there are several places where there is heavy traffic. Since there only seem to be level rail-line crossings in the USA, at the socalled "diamonds", the traffic at these diamonds can be very congested; with trains queeing to get through.

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    One of the places with heavy action is Fostoria.

    Ohio, like the rest of the USA, doesn't have a lot of passenger traffic.

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