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USA : Ohio : Mad River Museum - Bellevue

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Ohio has its own table of contents :

  • HOME - Ohio
  • Fostoria
  • Mad River Museum - Bellevue
  • Norfolk Southern (NS) in Ohio
  • CSX in Ohio
  • My POI's from Ohio : Google Earth kmz-file
    [ Version 2014-01 ]

  • Where ?

    USA - Ohio - 1 hour drive south-east from Toledo.

    What ?

    Mad River Museum - is a great museum with 4 main attractions :
    • A few locomotives and several coaches / cars stored outside.
    • A few coaches / cars stored inside.
    • A huge collection of smaller rail-road items :
      • Tickets
      • China
      • Posters - fotos
      • Tools
    • A few original railroad buildings.
    Many of the smaller museum-items are on display in real coaches, box-cars and baggage-cars, that are stored out in the open. These cars can get very hot during summer-time.

    Many of the outdoor locomotives, coaches and cars are placed very close to each other making it difficult to really appreciate the item; let alone get a good picture of it. This is a shame.

    There really is a lot of smaller items on display - you could spend several hours just browsing through these and admiring the collections.

    The museum is NOT open all year through. Check opening hours before your visit.

    The museum is divided into 3 areas; A, B and C. Main entrance is at area A. You need to show a ticket to enter area A and B, but area C is open for anyone to enter and see the items on display there.

    My photos from Mad River Museum

    mad river museum bellevue
    mad river museum bellevue
    mad river museum bellevue
    mad river museum bellevue
    mad river museum bellevue
    mad river museum bellevue

    My photos from Bellevue Yard

    bellevue yard
    bellevue yard
    bellevue yard
    bellevue yard

    Other railroad (and other) sites to visit in the neighborhood

    • Fostoria. Superior rail-fanning.
    • Deshler. Good rail-fanning spot.
    • Marion. Nice station and rail-fanning spot.
    • Findlay - Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation, Inc..
    • Berea. South-east of Cleveland
    • City of Sandusky is worth a visit.

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