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USA : Pennsylvania : CSX

Since Pennsylvania (PA) has such a huge railroad history,
Pennsylvania has its own table of contents :

  • HOME - USA - Pennsylvania
  • Railroad history
  • Museums
  • Museum Railroads

    My POI's from Pennsylvania : Google Earth kmz-file
    [ Version 2014-02 ]
  • Altoona - Horseshoe Curve
  • Modern railroad in PA
  • Enola Yard
  • Norfolk Southern (NS)
  • CSX

  • CSX is one of the 2 main railroad operators in eastern USA; the other one being Norfolk Southern (NS).

    Check out the CSX system map ➚ to see how wide-spread CSX's traffic is.

    Check out the various CSX cars ➚ ( standard boxcar, hi-roof boxcar, auto boxcar, general purpose flatcar, bulkhead flatcar, centerbeam flatcar, covered hopper, open-top hopper, plain gondola, coil gondola, tank car, auto rack )

    Intermodal ( i.e. containers ) is, as everywhere in the world, a huge success, only in the USA they do it bigger having 2 containers on each car; the double stacking of containers that they can do in the USA cause they dont have so many bridges to worry about.

    From CSX's website you can see this chart of where CSX operates in Pennsylvania :
    csx in pennsylvania

    The majority of the facilities are located near Pittsburg ( Grennwich Yard ) or Philadelphia ( Demler Yard ). Worth mentioning is the new intermodal yard in Chambersburg.

    More to follow.

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