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USA : Pennsylvania : Norfolk Southern

Since Pennsylvania (PA) has such a huge railroad history,
Pennsylvania has its own table of contents :

  • HOME - USA - Pennsylvania
  • Railroad history
  • Museums
  • Museum Railroads

    My POI's from Pennsylvania : Google Earth kmz-file
    [ Version 2014-02 ]
  • Altoona - Horseshoe Curve
  • Modern railroad in PA
  • Enola Yard
  • Norfolk Southern (NS)
  • CSX

  • Norfolk Southern is one of the 2 main railroad operators in eastern USA; the other one being CSX

    Check out the Norfolk Southern system map ➚ to see how wide-spread Norfolk Southern's traffic is.

    Check out the various Norfolk Southern cars ➚ ( boxcar, flatcar, hopper, gondola, tank car, multilevel cars ). (PDF-file to download - Norfolk Southern Cars)

    Intermodal ( i.e. containers ) is, as everywhere in the world, a huge success, only in the USA they do it bigger having 2 containers on each car; the double stacking of containers that they can do in the USA cause they dont have so many bridges to worry about.

    Norfolk Southern has a huge amount of freight yards ➚ (Major Rail Classification Yards), intermodal yards and Locomotive shops.

    These 2 names might be familiar to railroad fans :
    Enola Yard - Harrisburg - Pennsylvania
    Bellevue Yard, Ohio. ( Close to Fostoria - see Ohio section )

    The Juniata Locomotive Shop in Altoona is also quite famous.

    More to follow.

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