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USA : Pennsylvania : Railroad history

Since Pennsylvania (PA) has such a huge railroad history,
Pennsylvania has its own table of contents :

  • HOME - USA - Pennsylvania
  • Railroad history
  • Museums
  • Museum Railroads

    My POI's from Pennsylvania : Google Earth kmz-file
    [ Version 2014-02 ]
  • Altoona - Horseshoe Curve
  • Modern railroad in PA
  • Enola Yard
  • Norfolk Southern (NS)
  • CSX

  • Important links

  • The Pennsylvania Railroad. From the "Pennsylvania Railroad HO Scale" ( PRRHO )website.
  • The Pennsylvania Railroad. From "Mike's Railway History".
  • The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society

    Please remember that I will only link to VERY important websites, but I will mention a lot of "names" so you can Google these names yourself.

    A little history

    If there is ONE state in the USA that says "RAILROAD" it must be Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania - where iron and coal and railroads are inter-connected, just like in Germany's Ruhr district.

    Iron and coal and railroads form a beautiful symbiosis, where the iron and the coal from the mines are used to make the rails and locomotives and cars that are used to mine and transport the iron and the coal.

    Iconic names like : Steamtown - Baldwin Locomotive Works - Horseshoe Curve - Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) are all part of Pennsylvanias railroad history.

    The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) or Pennsy was at its height the largest railroad company. It grew and grew, buying up more than 800 other railroad companies in the eastern USA.

    In 1968 it merged with New York Central (NYC) only to go bankrupt a few years later letting Conrail take over.

    Conrail then was in 1999 bought by Norfolk Southern (NS) and CSX and AMTRAK. Norfolk Southern got almost all of the former PRR.

    Norfolk Southern has "owned" the legacy from PRR, and other original railroiad lines, by painting locomotives in the original colors; the "heritage" locomotives.

    More to follow.

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