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USA : Pennsylvania : Museum railroads

Since Pennsylvania (PA) has such a huge railroad history,
Pennsylvania has its own table of contents :

  • HOME - USA - Pennsylvania
  • Railroad history
  • Museums
  • Museum Railroads

    My POI's from Pennsylvania : Google Earth kmz-file
    [ Version 2014-02 ]
  • Altoona - Horseshoe Curve
  • Modern railroad in PA
  • Enola Yard
  • Norfolk Southern (NS)
  • CSX

  • Museum railroads are railroads that are not in function as means of daily transportation; - although there can be a grey zone.

    This is NOT supposed to be a complete list.

    rating locomotiverating locomotive
    • Strasburg Railroad. ➚ Strasburg, Lancaster County.
      A rather short stretch of railroad going from Strasburg to Paradise; approx. 7 km. through beautiful Amish heartland in Pennsylvania.
      The railroad actually ALSO has a local freight business servicing the local farmers; tickets are sold for these freight trains which then becomes the socalled "mixed train" which runs to Leaman Junction and back.

      Strasburg also have at least 2-3 other railroad attractions, so it is worth the trip :
      Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania ➚ Strasburg, Lancaster County.
      Choo Choo Barn ➚ Model-railroad layout in a style quite its own. Perhaps mainly for children, but I enjoyed it too.
      National Toy Train Museum➚ Well - the name says it all; although "National" is perhaps unfair to the other 49 states in the USA.

      Strasburg Railroad mostly use steam locomotives, but they do have some diesels. Strasburg Railroad is famous for the "Doodlebug" which only runs occasionally.

      The normal train rides are, from a european view, perhaps a bit "touristy" but the action / shunting at the Strasburg depot is 100 % real.

    More to follow

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