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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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"Märklintage" : Events :
"Märklin Museum" - ( Erlebniswelt )

Since the "Märklintage" is such a huge event they their own table of contents :

HOME - The "Märklintage"
IMA - Internationale Modellbahn Ausstellung
Programs - Flyers
Food - Toilets
"Märklintage" commemorative cars
Göppingen - Hotels
Geislinger Steige
Special trains - locomotives
Toy stores - Shopping
Stuttgart - Göppingen Region

My photos from the "Märklintage"
"Fundgrube" at the "Märklin Museum"
GLS shipping service

The events at the "Märklintage" :
  • Göppingen train station
  • "Märklin Museum" ( Erlebniswelt )
  • "Stauferpark"
  • "Leonhard Weiss"
  • "EWS Arena" - LGB
  • "Werk 1"

    Google Earth POI's (Points Of Interest) kmz file.

  • The following are my own experiences from previous years. It might be quite different at the next "Märklintage".

    Please also read the programs and flyers from the previous years.

    The "Märklintage" usually consists of 5 main events and a 6th possible event :
    1. The train station in Göppingen
    2. The "Märklin Museum" - ( Erlebniswelt )
    3. The "Stauferpark" exhibition ground
    4. The "Leonhard Weiss" company
    5. The "EWS Arena"
    6. ( Märklin Märklin "Werk 1" )
    The shuttle bus stops at all these events except at the "Werk 1".

    2. "Märklin Museum" - ( Erlebniswelt )

    What's in a name ?
    Märklin has changed the name too much in the recent years.
    First "Märklin Museum" - then "Märklin Erlebniswelt" and now back to "Märklin Museum".

    And most recent :
    In 2015 it was announced that Märklin would create a new "Märklin Museum" in the buildings of "Werk 1" on Stuttgarter Straße.

    Märklin Erlebniswelt

    History of the "Märklin Museum"

    The Märklin Museum ➚ has had a stormy history.
    ( → Erlebnis )

    It started in the old days as the "Musterzimmer" at the "Werk 1" in Stuttgarter Straße in Göppingen, where Märklin kept one piece of everything Märklin had ever made.

    In the 1970'ties I remember visiting the "Werk 1".

    They had a room, where they showed movies about Märklin and a big room with several smaller layouts laid out on tables.

    You were allowed to play with these layouts. Wonderfull time for a kid that had never tried the electric turntable or seen / touched the metal lok-depots.

    A nice gentleman in a white coat ( almost like a doctor ) was our guide.

    It then graduated to the "Märklin Museum" in the Holzheimer Straße - previous "Werk 3".

    Finally it ended as the "Märklin Erlebniswelt" on the corner of Reutlinger Straße and Ulmer Straße.

    Now it is back to being the "Märklin Museum". Still on the corner of Reutlinger Straße and Ulmer Straße but apparently going to be moved to Stuttgarter Straße.

    The "Märklin Museum" has been opened and re-opened "Neueröffnung" several times :
    • Initial opening - Holzheimer Straße : 1985.
    • Neueröffnung ( Holzheimer Straße ) 21. - 22. Oktober 1995.
    • Museumseröffnung ( Holzheimer Straße ) 5. - 6. May 2001.
    • January 18, 2005 - Museum closed due to theft of countless items.
    • June 16, 2006 - An interim museum opened in Stuttgarter Straße ( Granulatlager )
    • October 20, 2006 - "Märklin Museum" opens as the "Märklin Erlebniswelt" on the corner of Reutlinger Straße and Ulmer Straße.

    "Märklinwelt Göppingen"

    Around March 2012 a private "initiative" was launched to create a Märklinwelt Göppingen ➚.

    The idea was to make a BIG tourist attraction in Göppingen around the Märklin brand.

    With the announcement of the new "Märklin Museum" to be opened in the "Werk 1" in Stuttgarter Straße this private initiative would seem to have become superfluous.

    What to see at the "Märklin Museum"

    At the "Märklin Museum" ( Erlebniswelt ) you can see :
    • The "Märklin Store"
    • Various layouts on display
    • Part of the "Märklin Museum" - ( they don't have room for all the items )
    • Service point - sale of spare parts
    • "Fundgrube" - discounted items for sale
    • Place for the Märklin seminars.
    The shop is just a normal shop where you can buy Märklin, LGB and Trix items at full retail price.

    There are several ( varying ) layouts on display. When the layout(s) that Märklin present at fairs is not "on tour" it is displayed.

    The "Museum" items shown gives an idea of what Märklin had been producing for the last 150 years - although there is only a few of the real old items.

    The items in the "Fundgrube" are never annonced, and the staff never knows what or when new items arrive. The items are typically left-overs i.e. a lorry from the "Museum-Wagen" / cars from "Starter-sets" or items that has a smaller fault / scratch.

    Märklintage GLS shipping At the "Märklintage" there will be things to do and see on the grounds outside - tents selling beer and sausages etc.

    You should expect the "Märklin Museum" to be VERY crowded. Schedule your visit there early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

    Somewhere outside you'll find a big tent, where there will a second "Fundgrube".

    The items there vary VERY MUCH.

    In 2011 there were real and interesting bargains.

    In 2013 it was mainly the "My world" crowd that would have found it interesting.

    My advice : Try to visit the "Fundgrube" and the tent each morning to check for new items.

    At the "Märklin Museum" there is also a GLS-station where you can send, what you bought, back to your home.

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