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"Märklintage" : Events : "Werk 1"

Since the "Märklintage" is such a huge event they their own table of contents :

HOME - The "Märklintage"
IMA - Internationale Modellbahn Ausstellung
Programs - Flyers
Food - Toilets
"Märklintage" commemorative cars
Göppingen - Hotels
Geislinger Steige
Special trains - locomotives
Toy stores - Shopping
Stuttgart - Göppingen Region

My photos from the "Märklintage"
"Fundgrube" at the "Märklin Museum"
GLS shipping service

The events at the "Märklintage" :
  • Göppingen train station
  • "Märklin Museum" ( Erlebniswelt )
  • "Stauferpark"
  • "Leonhard Weiss"
  • "EWS Arena" - LGB
  • "Werk 1"

    Google Earth POI's (Points Of Interest) kmz file.

  • The following are my own experiences from previous years. It might be quite different at the next "Märklintage".

    Please also read the programs and flyers from the previous years.

    The "Märklintage" usually consists of 5 main events and a 6th possible event :
    1. The train station in Göppingen
    2. The "Märklin Museum" - ( Erlebniswelt )
    3. The "Stauferpark" exhibition ground
    4. The "Leonhard Weiss" company
    5. The "EWS Arena"
    6. Märklin "Werk 1"
    The shuttle bus stops at all these events except at the "Werk 1".

    6. "Werk 1" - Stuttgarter Straße 55, 73033 Göppingen

    Märklin Werk 1 Märklin has made the "Werk 1" - ( Die Stammwerk - The Mothership ) - open for the general public at the "Tag der offenen Tür" events. ( Open Day event )

    You would be able to walk around a specially laid-out tour around the factory ( Werk 1 ), and there would be various demonstrations of the machines involved in creating the wonderfull Märklin train models.

    In the outdoor area there would be a childrens corner and you could buy sausages and beverages etc.

    During the "Märklintage" "Werk 1" generally has been OFF LIMITS for the general public.

    Special invited guests has been giving guided tours of the "Werk 1".

    Guided tours are much more extensive than the "free roaming" of "Open Day" admission.

    These guided tours during the "Märklintage" are by invitation only - typically for Märklin Insider members, business partners etc.

    At the latest "Märklintage" the tour for "Märklin Insider's" has been less guided and more like the "Tag der offenen Tür", but you would still need to apply.

    During the year Märklin has around 2-3 weekly guided tours of the "Werk 1", when groups of school-children, students from high-school or a technical university are shown the "Werk 1".

    I highly recommend that you try to participate in a tour of "Werk 1" whether it is guided - semi-guided or free-roaming.

    It is very informative and the old building of "Werk 1" oozes of atmosphere and history.

    In case you are wondering : There was also a "Werk 2" that was in Schwäbish Gmünd ( production from 1961 - 1991 ) and a "Werk 3" which was in Holzheimer Straße in Göppingen.

    The "Märklin Museum" opened in the Holzheimer Straße facilities in 1985.

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