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"Märklintage" : Food - Toilets

Since the "Märklintage" is such a huge event they their own table of contents :

HOME - The "Märklintage"
IMA - Internationale Modellbahn Ausstellung
Programs - Flyers
Food - Toilets
"Märklintage" commemorative cars
Göppingen - Hotels
Geislinger Steige
Special trains - locomotives
Toy stores - Shopping
Stuttgart - Göppingen Region

My photos from the "Märklintage"
"Fundgrube" at the "Märklin Museum"
GLS shipping service

The events at the "Märklintage" :
  • Göppingen train station
  • "Märklin Museum" ( Erlebniswelt )
  • "Stauferpark"
  • "Leonhard Weiss"
  • "EWS Arena" - LGB
  • "Werk 1"

    Google Earth POI's (Points Of Interest) kmz file.

  • Yeah - all this train-stuff is very nice, but what about a schnitzel and a beer during the "Märklintage" ?

    Food and drink

    Being in Germany - there will be plenty of opportunities to eat and drink.

    The "Stauferpark" is the main place to eat and drink, with the "Märklin Erlebniswelt" a close second.

    You can also get some food and drink at "Leonhard Weiss".

    At the Göppingen train station there are no special arrangements, but the famous scottish restaurant, McDonalds, can be found in the station building.

    At "WERK 1" the canteen for employees should be open, and there might be a tent selling sausages / beer in the yard.

    Just next to the station you have downtown-Göppingen, with plenty of restaurants, sausages, bread etc.

    What kind of food is sold ?

    Sausages - "brat-wurst" - is a given. Some sandwiches - perhaps pizza slices.

    What kind of beverages is sold ?

    One kind of beer - typically the local one.
    Plenty of soft-drinks. If possible do try a German specialty : sparkling apple-juice ( 50 % apple juice - 50 % sparkling mineral water ) = "Apfelschorle".


    Plenty of toilets at the "Stauferpark" - but also plenty of people - so there might be a waiting line.

    Normal facilities at the "Märklin Erlebniswelt" and at "Leonhard Weiss".

    Göppingen train station is a bit trickier, but for a fee you can use the toilet at McDonalds. There are temporary toilets at the station, but they are not that easy to find.

    Normal facilities at "WERK 1", but it can be difficult to leave the group during a guided tour. Toilets at various places around the tour and in the canteen for employees.

    • Do remember to bring along something to drink. You can quickly de-hydrate
    • Good walking shoes
    • Bring a rug-sack ( but at the "Märklin Erlebniswelt" you most likely will have to leave it outside )

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