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"Märklintage" : Geislinger Steige

Since the "Märklintage" is such a huge event they their own table of contents :

HOME - The "Märklintage"
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Geislinger Steige
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Stuttgart - Göppingen Region

My photos from the "Märklintage"
"Fundgrube" at the "Märklin Museum"
GLS shipping service

The events at the "Märklintage" :
  • Göppingen train station
  • "Märklin Museum" ( Erlebniswelt )
  • "Stauferpark"
  • "Leonhard Weiss"
  • "EWS Arena" - LGB
  • "Werk 1"

    Google Earth POI's (Points Of Interest) kmz file.

  • The Geislinger Steige ➚ is a famous, but short, section of the railway line between Stuttgart and Ulm. It was opened in 1850.

    The Geislinger Steige is between Geislingen and Amstetten, and it is a great place to take fotos of trains.

    The trains runs slowly up and down the encline ( 2,25 % ), through the many curves, with a top speed of 70 km/h.

    The line has a great diversity in type of trains; ICE - IC - Regio and freight trains, - even the TGV runs there.

    There are plans to build a new high speed railway that the passenger trains can use, so eventually there will be no ICE's and TGV's on the Geislinger Steige.

    Eisenbahn-Romantik covered the Geislinger Steige in episodes ( "folge" ) # 229 / 252 and # 384. "150 Jahre Geislinger Steige" is a set of 2 DVDs from 2000.

    My KMZ file includes the Geislinger Steige and the various foto-spots.

    A must-see is how the Deutsche Bahn use push-loks to help heavy cargo-trains to run up the Geislinger Steige.

    In Amstetten, just at the end of the encline, the push-lok, that is not connected to the last freight car, will reduce speed and fall back. Then at Amstetten station a turnout is quickly switched so the push-lok can drive off the main line.

    The lok waits for a "window" and then drives all alone down the Geislinger Steige to Geislingen ready to help push another freight train up the Geislinger Steige again.

    During the "Märklintage" there are several trains driving up and down the Geislinger Steige on excusions from Göppingen - Amstetten - Göppingen; some of these trains are pulled by steam-locomotives; some in double-traction; some with a steam-locomotive at each end.

    The Roten Heuler ➚ - an old regional train from the Stuttgart area usually also used to make trips from Göppingen to Amstetten and back before it was retired in 2015.

    At Amstetten you can also find the museum railway : UEF Lokalbahn Amstetten-Gerstetten

    One of their trains is used for shuttle excursions during the "Märklintage" from Göppingen - Plochingen - Göppingen; up to 5-6 times a day.

    Each morning and each afternoon the train will transfer to and from Amstetten.

    You need a car to get to the Geislinger Steige, however it IS possible to take the regio-train to Amstetten and walk from the station to some of the foto-spots, or to take the train to Geislingen (Steige) and walk up the encline.

    Foto spots at Geislinger Steige

    My KMZ file includes the Geislinger Steige and the various photo-spots.
    The text below can be better understood if you also look at Google Earth.
    Names of my POI's are marked like this in the text below.

    There are 2 kinds of photo spots :

    A. Close to the tracks.

    B. Far away from the tracks - up in the hills.

    A. Close to the tracks :

    • West side of the valley - right side going from Geislingen :
      Not really any at all ( since the tracks are on the left embankment ! )

    • East side of the valley - left side going from Geislingen :
      • Photo A-01. Photo A-01

        Well known photo spot. Drive up the small farm road to Parking A-01b, ( Carefull. Difficult entry / exit - watch the traffic on the B 10 ), or park your car around Parking A-01a.

      • Spot "Knoll Denkmal". A-Denkmal

        This spot is in fact NOT easy to reach. I've never been there and according to photographers I've met the view is not that great, compared to i.e. "Photo 01".

        With the opening of the Erlebnispfad ➚ access is much easier, but still a longer walk from the nearest car parking.

        Monument for "Michael Knoll" - head-engineer for the construction of Geislinger Steige. There is also a bust of Michael Knoll in front of the train station in Geislingen (Steige).

      • Photo A-02. Photo A-02

        Photo A-02 is rather like Photo A-01 but with different track-curves and with the possibility of a view of the stone embankment towards Amstetten.

        Parking at Parking-A-02 is very easy ( public parking ), but be carefull when you cross the road. Cars and MC's are going very fast.

        The path is rather steep and it could take you up to 5 minutes. The path in only by foot.

        Nearby is the Straub mehlstube ➚ but check their website for opening hours.

      • Photo A-04. Photo A-04

        This is perhaps the most famous photo-spot on the Geislinger Steige. Always many photographers there when something special can be seen.

        Access is easy. Park right at the spot at Parking-A-04a ( could be crowded ) or at the official parking Parking-A-04b.

        Please respect the parking reserved for the "Wilhelm Bühler Gasthaus - Ziegelhütte".

        From Amstetten train station : 1,5 km walk - Path-Station- but do take the local Römerstrasse - not the B-10 with heavy traffic.

      • Photo A-05. Photo A-05

        This is the last photo spot on the actual Geislinger Steige - just before the train station in Amstetten.

        Access is easy - just walk along the allotment gardens. You do have to cross some tracks - but they are very rarely used.

        Only spot where you can watch the pusher-lok fall back and pull into a side track before it runs down towards Geislingen (Steige) again.

        Parking-A-05 is very easy.

      • Amstetten train station Amstetten

        There is not a lot to see / photograph on / from Amstetten train station. Go to Photo A-05 in stead.

        However on the other side of the tracks you can find some older cars stored - Old cars - next to the Albbähnle ➚ narrow track station ( Amstetten-Oppingen ).

        The UEF Lokalbahn ➚ from Amstetten to Gerstetten uses the tracks just next to Photo A-05

      • Geislingen (Steige) train station Geislingen

        Within the immediate station area there are several good photo spots.

        Station-Path-A and Station-Path-B should give you a nice overview.

        Geislingen-N requires that you exit the train statino and walk through the bus-terminal to the car-park reserved for DB employees.

        Geislingen-S-1 / Geislingen-S-1-Path and Geislingen-S-2 / Geislingen-S-2-Path and Geislingen-S-3 / Geislingen-S-3-Path will all give you a view of the very beginning of the Geislinger Steige.

    B. Far away: You have to drive / walk up the hills on either side of the Steige.

    • West side - On your right driving from Geislingen :
      • Geiselstein
        From Geislingen take the "L 1230" ( T&"252;rkheimer Strasse) towards Türkheim.

        Try to park your car as close to Geiselstein-Parkingas possible.

        Then walk the rest of the way to the Geiselstein, where it should be possible to take photos of the steige, especially the long white ICE-"würstchen".

        There are most likely other photo-spots overlooking the Geislinger Steige, if you walk south along the paths towards Wittingen or all the way to Amstetten. To be continued..

    • East side - On your left driving from Geislingen :
      • Helfenstein Helfenstein

        From Helfenstein you can see the beginning of the Steige.

      • Oden Turm Oden-Turm

        From the Oden-Turm you cannot see a lot of the tracks.

      • Photo A-03. Photo A-03

        This spot, close to Amstetten, is very famous and there can be many photographers there.

        You can either drive to Parking-A-03 on A-03-Path-Car which actually is through the forest ( driving there could be prohibited ("landwirtschaftlicher verkehr"), but ... ignorance is bliss ... do not argue ... apologize and drive away ), or walk on A-03-Path-Foot which is about 10 minutes from Parking-A-04 where many photographers park even though it is not an official parking lot. Turn left on the path at every fork.

        The view from Photo-A-03 is classic but depends on the leaves and branches.

    If you have any further advice or information about photo-spots please contact me.

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