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Märklin - "Tag der Offenen Tür" - Open Day Event

rating locomotive

Ambiguity warning : "Tag der Offenen Tür" is NOT the "Märklin Tage".

Märklin has, lately, arranged the "Tag der Offenen Tür" - an open day event, where the "Werk 1" in Göppingen would open the gates and invite the general public inside to see what goes on.

The "Tag der Offenen Tür" is VERY different from the "Märklin Tage". The 2 events cannot be compared.

The "Tag der Offenen Tür" is much more family and children orientated and it takes place ONLY at the "Werk 1" and at the "Märklineum" (Erlebniswelt).

While the "Märklin Tage" is worth the trip from your home ( no matter where in the world you live ) to Göppingen, the "Tag der Offenen Tür" is only worth visiting if you are in the neighborhood - well at least in the southern part of Germany.

However - if you haven't seen the "Werk 1" before, the "Tag der Offenen Tür" is, beside the "Märklin Tage", the only opportunity to get a tour of the "Werk 1".

When ?

"Tag der Offenen Tür" :

1984 - at Märklin 125 Jubilee ???
04. - 05. December 2009.
17. - 18. September 2010.
14. - 15. September 2012.
19. - 20. September 2014.
16. - 17. September 2016.
14. - 15. September 2018.
18. - 19. September 2020.
The "Tag der Offenen Tür" apparently takes place in September the years where there is not the "Märklintage"; i.e. 2010 - 2012 - 2014 etc.

The "Open Day" event in 1984 is un-confirmed, and I can't find any information about "Open Day" events before December 2009.

The "Open Day" event is held on Friday AND Saturday - but not Sunday. No doubt the Friday is the better day, since there will be fewer children around.

Where ?

Germany - Göppingen : "Märklin Werk 1" - "Märklineum".

Cynicism :

If one would be cynically enclined you would notice that the "Open Day" event started in 2009, at a time where Märklin was on the brink of bankruptcy.

It did, and still does, make sense for Märklin to advertice products by opening the doors. One can only wonder why that hasn't happened before.

Of course the "Open Day" event also gives Märklin the opportunity to sell a special car.

Special car :

"Tag der Offenen Tür" - Sonderwagen 2010 - "Druckguß" - # 94359 - 30,00 euro

tag der offenen Tür Märklin 2010

"Tag der Offenen Tür" - Sonderwagen 2012 - "Dreherei" - # 94398 - 30,00 euro

tag der offenen Tür Märklin 2012

"Tag der Offenen Tür" - Sonderwagen 2014 - "Galvanik" - # 48950 - 30,00 euro

tag der offenen Tür Märklin 2016

"Tag der Offenen Tür" - Sonderwagen 2016 - "Spritzguß" - # 48951 - 20,00 / 30,00 euro ??

tag der offenen Tür Märklin 2016
The price was at first announced at 30 euro,
but later announced at 20,00 euro. See also pdf-flyers below.

"Tag der Offenen Tür" - Sonderwagen 2018 - # 48952 - 30,00 euro

tag der offenen Tür Märklin 2018

Event :

Basically you can get an, unguided, tour of the "Werk 1", and get an impression of how much work that goes into producing a Märklin H0 locomotive; zink casting - paint etc.

Märklin employees will at each "work-station" be at hand to answer questions and demonstrate work processes.

The "Märklineum" will have some extra activities, but all in all it is focussed on families with children.

Märklin has for the last years tried to "educate" the general public about how much work is involved in producing a Märklin locomotive; no doubt justifying the price that Märklin wants for the products - and to avoid another bankruptcy scare.

Just look at the information in the "Märklin Insider Club News" and "Märklin Magazine" magazines that has appeared at regular intervals for the last 5- 10 years - e.g. with a center-fold in the 2014.04 "Märklin Insider Club News" :

Märklin production
Märklin production
© "Märklin Insider Club News"

I am not disagreeing that there IS a lot of work, also cost-heavy manual work, but the "Tag der Offenen Tür" should be viewed in this context.

Download the flyers for the previous events :

On Youtube I have collected videos from the "Tag der Offenen Tür" events on my playlist :
Märklin - Tag der Offenen Tür

At the 2014 event Märklin arranged 4 meetings where lucky Insider members can meet the Märklin management.

These meetings have previously also taken place during the "Märklin Tage".

The idea is that there will be an exchange of views and ideas. Märklin wants to signal that Märklin wants to listen to their costumers.

Perhaps this is the first sign of the "Tag der Offenen Tür" evolving into a "Mini-Treff". Time will tell.

BUT . . . these sessions should be broadcast live on the internet for the Insider members that haven't the opportunity to visit Göppingen; i.e. all foreign Insider members and most members from Northern Germany.

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