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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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"Märklintage" : Shops around Göppingen

Since the "Märklintage" is such a huge event they their own table of contents :

HOME - The "Märklintage"
IMA - Internationale Modellbahn Ausstellung
Programs - Flyers
Food - Toilets
"Märklintage" commemorative cars
Göppingen - Hotels
Geislinger Steige
Special trains - locomotives
Toy stores - Shopping
Stuttgart - Göppingen Region

My photos from the "Märklintage"
"Fundgrube" at the "Märklin Museum"
GLS shipping service

The events at the "Märklintage" :
  • Göppingen train station
  • "Märklin Museum" ( Erlebniswelt )
  • "Stauferpark"
  • "Leonhard Weiss"
  • "EWS Arena" - LGB
  • "Werk 1"

    Google Earth POI's (Points Of Interest) kmz file.

  • When you visit Göppingen, or any other part of Germany, it would be a shame not to visit the local toy stores, to see if there are any bargains to be made.

    Much of the shopping these days are handled on the internet, but shopping on the internet can never replace the feeling of entering a REAL train store, where you can see and feel the car or locomotive.

    My KMZ file includes shops in and around Göppingen.

    Göppingen :

    There are 3 stores in Göppingen that sells Märklin. All 3 in central Göppingen.

    The first is the store at the "Märklin Erlebniswelt".

    In all honesty I can't really see any reason why Märklin should have a retail shop, with a full product line, so close to the 2 "normal" shops in Göppingen.

    But hopefully the other 2 shops get a special discount price from Märklin to make up for the "competition" from the Erlebniswelt.

    On the other hand the 2 stores obviously benefit from the many tourists coming to Göppingen only because Märklin is there.

    Korb - Rau Spiel+Freizeit, Göppingen ➚ is in the center of Göppingen close to the Marktplatz.

    They have a selection of model-railway in the basement; second-hand stuff seems limited but varies from year to year.

    They are nice and friendly. In 2009 they had several items on sale. In 2011 none. They don't take VISA.

    Friday 8:45 - 19:00 // Saturday 8:45 - 18:00 // Sunday closed; but check their website.

    Elser Spielwaren GmbH ➚ has a larger selection of railroad stuff, and a large second-hand section. They are extremely friendly. They take VISA.

    Friday 9.00 - 19.00 // Saturday 8.30 - 18.00 // Sunday closed; but check their website.

    Geislingen :

    These shops I havent visited; yet.

    Haus des Kindes
    Vogel - Lenz
    Stuttgarter Str. 128
    73312 Geislingen
    Telefon: 0733162665
    Fax: 0733167628
    Internet: http://

    Aktuelle Ware - Reparatur - Wartung
    Gartenstr. 4
    73312 Geislingen
    Telefon: 07331- 422 90
    Fax: 07331- 452 00
    Internet: http://

    Other places :

    I know that many, especially from the USA, are very fond of the ETS Eisenbahntreffpunkt SCHWEICKHARDT ➚ store in Waiblingen; not least because there is a huge outdoor LGB layout and a Märklin oldtimer H0 layout.

    There usually is an arrangement with beer and sausages there saturday evening during the "Märklintage" weekend.

    Use the search ➚ option on Märklin's website to find where the dealers are.

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