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Exhibitions : "Intermodellbau" in Dortmund

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POI - Points Of Interest
Please download my POI-kmz-file ( Google Earth kmz-file ) for Germany with many interesting photo-spots, locations and things to see.
Latest version: 2014-01

Where ?

Europe - Germany - Nord-Rhein-Westphalen - Dortmund - Westphalenhallen Dortmund.
Dortmund is in the northern part of the Ruhr district.

When ?

Every year in April. Wednesday to Sunday; - usually week # 15 or 16.

What ?

5-day fair ( Wednesday - Sunday ), open to the public, arranged by Westphalenhallen Dortmund.

The Intermodellbau is one of the, if not THE, biggest fair / exhibition for "Modellbau" - modelling in Germany.

The Westphalenhalle is a very large exhibition center with 8 separate halls and various outdoor areas as well :
Westphalenhallen Dortmund

Download a pdf with the map of the Westphalenhallen - status 2009.
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What to expect ?

The Intermodelbau is not only about model-railroads :
You can find lots of model airplanes - model-boats - model-trucks - model-cars - model-tanks/armour - RC-cars and trucks; even cardboard ships ( not for water-use ) and other items made from cardboard.

In short : If it is a hobby - its represented at the Intermodellbau.

Each hall is reserved to one or two single "hobbies". Usually hall 4, 7 and 8 are devoted to model-railroads.

You can easely spend one day in each hall; but exhibitions demand stamina and good foot-wear, so I would recommend 1/2 - 3/4 day at the Intermodellbau, and then spend the rest of the day in Dortmund, or touring the Ruhr district; see below.

Hall 4: You can spend hours walking around looking at the manufacturers stalls and the about 5-8 model-railroad layouts that are on display.

Hall 7 : Many sellers and about 5 model-railroad layouts on display.

Hall 8 : Usually shared between live steam, large scale model-trains, where children can get a ride, and areas where model-trucks can be driven around.

The Intermodellbau is the first, public, big exhibition of the year; since the Nürnberg Trade Fair in early February is a trade fair and not open to the general public.

This means that many of the new items that the various manufacturers have disclosed at Nürnberg will be presented to the public for the first time at the Intermodellbau. This makes the Intermodellbau a very interesting exhibition to visit.

As to the actual new products; please check the sections: "Märklin" and "Other manufacturers" from the TOC.

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Other things to see around Dortmund

The many things that the Ruhr district also has to offer, railroad and model railroad wise, makes it attractive to visit Dortmund in april, where, if you're not too unlucky, the German spring will have begun, making i.e. train spotting comfortable and nice.
  • Dortmund Central Station.

  • Railroad Museum Bochum Dahlhausen.

  • RuhrtalBahn.

  • Hespertalbahn.

  • Cities worth exploring: Dortmund - Essen - Düsseldorf - Köln(Cologne)

  • Railroad places : Hagen - Oberhausen - Mannesmann Industries - Duisburg industries.

  • Wuppertal and the "Schwebebahn"

  • Müngstener bridge

Intermodellbau 2013

Here are some of my photos from Intermodellbau 2013 :

Click on a picture to enlarge.

intermodellbau 2013
Before it all starts in hall 4.
The exhibitors are busy setting up the stalls.
WIll it all fit ?
Will we be ready for the opening ?
intermodellbau 2013
You won't believe how much paper
and plastic is used for just packaging.
intermodellbau 2013
The Furka railroad at Gletsch was
meticulously made in scale 1:87
by Willi Rutz.
intermodellbau 2013
It is breathtaking to notice all the details.
I've seen Gletsch and I truly believe
that not one rock is placed in-correctly.
Willy is a nice, and very modest, person.
intermodellbau 2013
Part of Märklin's exhibition layout in 2013.
Märklin presented the new items
and the new DIGITAL options at the fair.
intermodellbau 2013
Always a lot of spectators at Märklin
watching the presentations.
intermodellbau 2013
Model of the "WERK 1" in Göppingen
Still standing and still producing loks.
intermodellbau 2013
Handmade metal-locomotive.
Well - what can I say.
I should have taken metal-shop in school.
intermodellbau 2013
Behind Lilliput's layout.
The front isn't bad either.
Actually it is one of the best layouts i've seen.
intermodellbau 2013
Small but with beautiful scenery
and the track ovals are very
cleverly camouflaged.
3 different kind of tracks are used.
intermodellbau 2013
"Finsen" layout from northern Norway.
A long layout and slow moving trains.
Very realistic.
intermodellbau 2013
Lok-parade at Rhätische Bahn.
The Rhätische Bahn in Switzerland is
a very popular subject; layout-wise.
intermodellbau 2013
Layout from France.
The French layouts, when they succeed,
always catches the sentiment of the French
country-side around 1955.
intermodellbau 2013
French layouts often have that certain
"je ne sais quoi", but mostly they
understand that less is more.
Some model railroaders forget that.
intermodellbau 2013
Dampf-bahn Furka Bergstrecke.
Both a real railroad and a model-railroad.
intermodellbau 2013
Technisches-Hilfs-Werk (THW) in action.
It really hurts to see a train-wreck,
but would that tree really be able
to stop the steam locomotive from
rolling down the incline ? I think not.
intermodellbau 2013
Model boats and ships
are very big hobby in Germany
and well represented
at the Intermodellbau.
intermodellbau 2013
Its not only model-railroad.
The astronaut suit is in scale 1:1,
handmade but not functional.
intermodellbau 2013
Old-timer auto-bus in scale 1:32.
Radio-controlled lorries and busses
Were very popular at the Intermodellbau.
So - it's not ONLY model-railroad.

intermodellbau 2013
. . . and then again.
intermodellbau 2013
Märklin layout in vintage 1970'ties style.
This is how it begins
for almost every model-railroader.
Lay out the tracks on a table, and you're off.
You can find the trackplan in any Märklin
trackplan book from the 1950ties till today.
intermodellbau 2013
Enjoy the layout from Lilliput.
intermodellbau 2013
Enjoy the layout from Brawa.

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