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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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Exhibitions : "Modellbau Schleswig-Holstein" in Neumünster

rating locomotiverating locomotive
POI - Points Of Interest
Please download my POI-kmz-file ( Google Earth kmz-file ) for Germany with many interesting photo-spots, locations and things to see.
Latest version: 2014-01

Where ?

Europe - Germany - Schleswig-Holstein - Neumünster - Holsten-Hallen.
Neumünster is 1 hour drive north of Hamburg.

When ?

Every year - first weekend (Sunday) in March, even if the Saturday is in February.

What ?

2-day fair ( Saturday - Sunday ) arranged by BV-Messen / Ochtruper Veranstaltungs GmbH.

The fair is not only about model-railroads :
You can find lots of model-boats - model-trucks - model-cars - model-tanks/armour - RC-cars and trucks; even cardboard ships ( not for water-use ) and other items made from cardboard.

Huge water-tanks where plastic and wooden model-boats are demonstrated.

Several m3 of dirt/earth is put on the floor so trucks and amour can drive in a natural terrain.

7-10 model-railroad layouts are on display; from track Z to track 1, coming from Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland and even Scotland.

10-15 model-railroad dealers from all of northern Germany sell new and second-hand items from their stalls.

It is often a great place to get good bargains; especially Sunday afternoon, where the dealer has the option of either selling the item or packing it down and transporting it back to the shop.

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Since it is so close to Denmark I usually visit Modellbau Schleswig-Holstein each year.

In 2014 I had the great joy of giving my friends from Scotland; Mike Bisset and John Donaldson, a helping hand demonstrating Mike's layout : St Marnock Engine Shed at the fair :

St Marnock Engine Shed
St Marnock Engine Shed

Check out Mike's website to see if he is booked to show his layouts on a fair near you.

Worth seeing while in Neumünster :

( Please remember that I will only link to VERY important websites, but I will mention a lot of "names" so you can search the Internet yourself. )
  • Hamburg is just 1 hours drive south of Neumünster. There are SO many train-relating things to see in Hamburg : Miniatur Wunderland - Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte ( Hamburgmuseum ) - The Central Station - Altona Station - Maschen freight yard.

  • Rendsburger Hochbrücke; 30 minutes drive north of Neumünster.

  • Hochdonn Hochbrücke; 30 minutes west north of Neumünster.

  • Niebüll - The Hindenburg Damm - Autotransport - Sylt Shuttle.

  • During the same weekend as the "Modellbau Schleswig-Holstein", there usually is a second-hand model-railroad fair "Modellbahnbörse Schleswig" in Schleswig ( usually in "Volkskunde Museum Schleswig" ) ; north of Neumünster; close to the border to Denmark.

  • Kiel.

  • Lübeck - wonderfull old town-center.

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