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Deutsches Dampflokomotiv Museum
"Schiefe Ebene"

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POI - Points Of Interest
Please download my POI-kmz-file ( Google Earth kmz-file ) for Schiefe Ebene with many interesting photo-spots, locations and things to see.
Latest version: 2014-02

Where ?

Europe - Germany - Bavaria - Oberfranken - Neunmarkt.
In the north-eastern part of Bavaria. About 1 hour drive north-east of Nürnberg.

When ?

All year round.
HOWEVER it is during special events, where steam-locomotives will be runnning, that it really is interesting.

What ?

Deutsches Dampflokomotiv Museum in Neuenmarkt.

"Schiefe Ebene". A famous part of the railroad between Nürnberg and Hof in Bavaria, where the gradient is up to 2,5 % [ 25 00/1000 ]; which basically is as much as an normal mail-line adhesion-based railroad can do, even though the theoretical limit for adhesion-based railroad is about 7 %.

In 2014 a special trail ( wander-weg / lehrpfad ) has been re-constructed, so you can walk about 9 km along the railroad up and down the Schiefe Ebene between Neuenmarkt and Marktschorgast. However - the "interesting" part of the trail is only about 1-2 km.

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What to expect ?

Deutsches Dampflokomotiv Museum (DDM) is an interesting museum well worth visiting.

The museum is different, compared to other railroad museums, because there are a lot of events where the trains are actually moving; especially up and down the Schiefe Ebene.

Since the museum, as its name indicates, caters especially for steam locomotives, this means that there will be a lot of steam action with smoke and steam and whistles.

The "Schiefe Ebene" gives an extra-ordinary possibility to watch trains and steam-locomotives work to run up a steep incline.

Naturally they will go very slow, - sometimes so slow that you worry if they will be able to make it :
Video on Youtube : Struggling P8 on the Schiefe Ebene.

There are a lot of good foto-spots along the "Schiefe Ebene", and they are relatively easy to access, even though a bit of walking is required.

The "Schiefe Ebene" is of course most interesting when there are steam-trains.

Basically there will be steam trains running on the "Schiefe Ebene" during 2 kind of occasions :

a ) When the Deutsches Dampflokomotiv Museum (DDM) arranges such trips.
b) When other railroad organisations arranges a trip, where their train will run on the "Schiefe Ebene".

So you will have to follow the website of the Deutsches Dampflokomotiv Museum AND some of the railroad organisations that arrange such trips; i.e. :

On the internet search for : "nostalgiefahrt", "museumseisenbahn", "dampf" + "schiefe ebene".

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What NOT to expect ?

Don't expect freight trains.

There are no ordinary freight trains scheduled ( as of 2014 ) to run on the "Schiefe Ebene". Part of the railroad, although not on the "Schiefe Ebene", is single track.

Don't expect much more than Regio and Interregio trains - RE / IRE. Don't expect ICE - TGV.


There are hotels in Neuenmarkt and Marktschorgast and in the surrounding villages.

You might consider hotels close to the highway A9 - BAB A9 - that actually run through the same valley as the "Schiefe Ebene".

Nearby Bayreuth and Nürnbegr are also options.

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Other things to see around Neuenmarkt and "Schiefe Ebene"

The valley along the river Pegnitz from Nürnberg to Pegnitz is very beautiful.

Bayreuth and Nürnberg are always worth a visit.

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