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Event : "Terug Naar Toen" - 2016

POI - Points Of Interest
Please download my POI-kmz-file ( Google Earth kmz-file ) for the "Terug Naar Toen" event
with many interesting photo-spots, locations and things to see.
Latest version: 2016-01

Previous page : Terug Naar Toen - Main page about "Terug Naar Toen" with links to all my previous visits. The information on these pages is still valid.

My visit in September 2016

( All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them )

You can watch my videos from "Terug Naar Toen" 2016 on my Youtube channel

Going back to Apeldoorn - Beekbergen

2016 was the third time I visited the "Terug Naar Toen", so I knew a lot from my previous visits and didn't have to prepare as much as before.

The main unknown thing was whether the photo-spots were still working - or if a new building had been built - or if a field wasn't harvested.

I also wanted to evaluate the foto-spots from the previous years to see which spots actually were the best.

Last but not least I wanted to see which kind of locomotive / coach combinations were the more appealing.


The whole railroad line from Apeldoorn to Dieren is in fact divided into these smaller sections :
  • Apeldoorn - Apeldoorn VAM ( Vuil Afvoer Maatschappij )
  • Apeldoorn VAM - Beekbergen-Lieren ( aka Beekbergen )
  • Beekbergen - Loenen
  • Loenen-Eerbeek
  • Eerbeek-Dieren

Freight trains

Apart from early morning and late afternoon freight-trains, the freight-trains only run between (Apeldoorn VAM - Beekbergen) and (Loenen-Eerbeek) and not that many per day.

On Apeldoorn VAM - Beekbergen there will be about 2 trains / hour.

On Loenen-Eerbeek there will be 1 train / hour.

Passenger trains

Again the stretch between Loenen-Dieren is the least trafficked section, while the Beekbergen-Loenen stretch will be the busiest.

Diesel vs. steam locomotives

The diesels will mostly, if not only, run between Apeldoorn - Beekbergen.


There are 3 "sets" of coaches :
  • Apeldoorn - Beekbergen ["Oostenrijkers"]
  • Beekbergen - Loenen ["Blokkendozen"]
  • Loenen-Dieren [ Various coaches ]
You can find descriptions of the coaches on the VSM website


While the coaches remain within their section the locomotives go all the way from Apeldoorn to Dieren.

So the variations in train composition ( lok + coaches ) are quite numerous.

Since the only turntable is in Beekbergen, each locomotive will travel at least half the time in reverse - meaning with the tender or the coal-storage in the driving direction.

Most trains will have locomotives at the front AND at the rear, and those locomotives might turn either way.

On top of all these variations most of the times the locomotives will drive in two's, but not necessarely front-front or rear-rear - it could just as well be front-rear / rear-front.

All-in-all, matematically speaking, if there are 10 steam-locomotives, and 3 sets of coaches, you'll end up with more combinations than you can see the whole weekend.

Weather and light

Most photo-spots will mainly be good for photographs from one direction, depending of course of whether the sun is out or not.

Rain and wind will also be a factor when you decide from which direction you take photos.

Distance - and distance

Due to the fact that Holland ( The Netherlands ) is a very flat country, you will not be able to take photos from far away.

Even though the railroad stretch between Apeldoorn and Dieren is only 22 km, it will take you some time to drive from one photo-spot to another - travelling on a mix of small country-roads and main roads.

Time spent in a car / on a bike between photo-spots means missed photo-opportunities, so you need to plan ahead and not drive pointlessly around.

Typical sought-after photos

The early morning long freight-trains that start in Loenen and drive to Apeldoorn can be seen on two sections if you are quick and doesn't get bogged down by other photographers :
  1. Between Loenen and Beekbergen
  2. Between Beekbergen and Apeldoorn

The lok-train that goes from Beekbergen to Loenen friday afternnon - the day before the actual event. Between 5-10 steam locomotives coupled together is a very impressive sight :
Terug Naar Toen 2016 loktrain

On Friday late afternoon - after the transfer of the loks to Loenen - the locomotives are on display at Loenen Station :
Terug Naar Toen 2016 locomotives at Loenen Terug Naar Toen 2016 locomotives at Loenen
Terug Naar Toen 2016 locomotives at Loenen Terug Naar Toen 2016 locomotives at Loenen

Photo / video

If you shoot video :
  • Many of your fellow railroad-photographers will take still-photos and their camera's will make very audible click-clack sounds.
  • They will also be reluctant to keep quiet after they have taken THEIR photograph.
  • Children will not respect that you shoot video.
  • Around the A1 and A50 highways there will be background traffic noise.
  • From the A1 highway to Apeldoorn you are inside a city with several background noises.
While photographers like steam locomotives with steam and with whistles, the lok-drivers do not always cater for such interests.

Lok-drivers will only sound the whistle at the regulated places - before a level crossing.

Best help

While the "flyer" and the "train-schedule" will give you the time-table they don't give you the specifications as to which loks will pull the train.

You need the lok-schedule, which can be purchased from the ticket office in Beekbergen from Friday evening. The ticket office in Loenen should also have it - but from Saturday morning.

Typically you get the lok-schedule when you buy the day-ticket for the event.


( Also check my kmz-file - see top of page )

Quality of any given photo-spot depends on weather and vegetation.
You might want to choose you own location / angle of shot.

Since there are not many trains between Loenen and Dieren,
I won't comment here on the photo-spots on that section.

Apeldoorn - Beekbergen // Section A

This section should actually be divided into two sections - one within the town and the other in a pure rural area.

Check Google Earth / Bing Maps and you'll see what I am talking about.

Within the city you can have impressive photos with the "Kanaal Zuid" in the fore- or background.
I haven't marked any special photo-spots because it will all depend on lighting / shadows.

You will also be able - by car - to drive, on either left or right bank of the "Kanaal Zuid", next to the train and get a nice video. Better if one person drives and the other(s) take the video.

Else video is - due to the city background noices - not the best.

At Apeldoorn VAM the short freight trains stop before going back to Beekbergen. Since the trains have a locomotive at both ends it will just be a stop.

Once the railroad have passed under the A1-highway the 4 lane street "Kaysersdijk" vanishes into a small narrow rural road "Hansengraaf" and soon you get to you first two photo-spots :

The level crossing at "De Els" [ A-1 ] and the level crossing at "Nieuwe Voorweg" [ A-2 ]

Terug Naar Toen level crossing Nieuwe Voorweg

The level crossings A-1 and A-2 are usually guarded by VSM personel.

Although not exactly allowed or legal many photographers will walk along the railroad line between "Nieuwe Voorweg" and "Tullekensmodelweg".

There also is a small foot-path from "Nieuwe Voorweg" to the railroad line and photo-spot [ A-2a ].

As you can see on any map the view from these level crossings is excellent and will give you plenty of rural views especially in the east-west direction. The view west-east is also good, but it mostly involves either standing on "Hansengraaf" or "Tullekensmodelweg" ( safety-vest strongly recommended ) or walking onto a field.

The trains will pass these level crossings at "full" speed.

But at the next level crossing "Tullekensmodelweg" [ A-3 ] the trains will stop, and a railroad employee will climb off the train and manually stop road-traffic.
Why the VSM doesn't place a permanent guard at that crossing I simply don't know. The VSM has permanent guards at several other level crossings.

Then the level crossing at "Zwarte Bergweg" [ A-4 ], ( more about that level crossing below ), is just before the actual crossing at the Beekbergen-Lieren Station at "Dorpstraat / Lierdestraat" [ A-5 ].

Beekbergen - Loenen // Section B

This is by far the section where the most traffic is, and therefore also the section where most photograhers will find a place.

The first spot is just south-east of Beekbergen Station at the level crossing at "Het Haselt" [ B-1 ].
There is an old railroad-signal between B-1 and Beekbergen Station that gives a nice fore- or background :
Terug Naar Toen Beekbergen old railroad-signal Terug Naar Toen Beekbergen old railroad-signal

Very near B-1 is the level crossing at "Achterste Kerkweg" [ B-2 ].

Especially for video : the ground between B-1 and B-2 is a moto-cross facility where the wroom-wrooms will out-noise the choo-choos of the steam-locomotives.

The level crossings B-1 and B-2 are usually guarded by VSM personel.

Next is "Ruggeweg" [ B-3 ] - which is my own personal favorite - although it depends on the vegetation.
The good thing about B-3 is that it has a clear direct view all the way to Beekbergen Station, and that the trains must signal before this level crossing.
The drawback is that is it a very popular place - always with many photographers :
Terug Naar Toen level crossing Rugegweg
The trains coming from Loenen will slow down before the next crossing at "Wittekruisweg", so they will pick up speed again on their way to Beekbergen.

The next level crossing is "Wittekruisweg" [ B-4 ] :
Terug Naar Toen level crossing Wittekruisweg
The good thing about this photo-spot is that the trains will slow down and pass the crossing at very slow speed while using the whistle a lot. The picking-up speed after the crossing is also impressive sound-wise. The A50-highway crosses the railroad line about 250 meters away so there can be some background highway noises.

The small stop at "Immenbergweg" is not used during the "Terug Naar Toen". Photo-wise it is not attractive as it is directly under the A50-highway and completely surrounded by the forest.

The railroad-line continues through the forest untill just before Loenen Station. Access to photo-spots along this stretch is difficult but for video of trains passing it is a very quiet area.

Just before Loenen Station are photo-spots [ B-5 ] that can be accessed from "Het Zand" and [ B-6 ] accessed from "Veldhuizen" with parking about 350 meters from the railroad line. A barrier prevents you from driving all the way to the railroad line. You should avoid entering this area from the south-east because the area around Loenen Station will be very crowded. Take the northeast entrance and drive on "Het Zand".

There is a guard at B-6 preventing you from entering the Loenen Station area.
Loenen Station can only be accessed at the main entrance at the level crossing at "Hoofdweg".

Loenen - Eerbeek // Section C

Just after Loenen there are the photo-spots [ C-1 ], [ C-2 ] and [ C-3 ].

C-3 is a grass-field, but is has so far been harvested when "Terug Naar Toen" takes place.
Many photographers wander all over the field trying to find the best location :
Terug Naar Toen level crossing Wittekruisweg

Parking is possible at C-2 on "Molenallee", but especially the stretch between the level crossing and "Hoofdweg" can be very crowded - parking-wise. If you are in a hurry to get on to the next photo you might consider taking the "blue" route fx. back to "Ruggeweg".

At the level crossing at "Broeksweg" [ C-4 ] the trains will slow down ( almost stop when coming from Eerbeek ) and use the whistle a lot.

Safety-vest is strongly recommended since the cars drive fast on "Broeksweg".

The rest of the photo-spots towards Eeerbeek [ C-5 ], [ C-6 ], [ C-7 ] are only recommendations.

Eerbeek - Dieren // Section D

[ D-1 ], [ D-2 ], [ D-3 ], [ D-4 ] and [ D-5 ] are recommendations only.

Because there is so little traffic on the Eerbeek - Dieren section it involves driving down to the photo-spot, take the photo and then drive quickly back to where the action really is.

However at Dieren you will also be able to see ordinary Dutch NS trains and an ordinary mainline level crossing with barriers.

The accident - Saturday, September 3, 2016.

Even though the VSM takes great care to avoid any accidents, even the VSM cannot protect the trains from what in all honesty must be labelled as pure stupidity.

On Saturday afternoon at the level crossing at "Zwarte Bergweg" just north of Beekbergen Station a woman driver in a Mercedes wanted to cross the railroad line.

She did hear the locomotive whistle but thought that it was just a shunting whistle and that the train would stop and reverse.

But the locomotive, 52 8139, was on its way from Beekbergen to Apeldoorn and was not "just" shunting outside Beekbergen Station.

The woman was not hurt. The Mercedes suffered much damage on its right side - presumably a total right-off.

The locomotive didn't suffer any damages, and the traffic continued after a few hours.

The accident was described in detail in the local press and on various online-forums :
There are several photos online :

Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing Zwarte Bergweg
© 2016
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing Zwarte Bergweg
© 2016 Emiel Bruijntjes
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing Zwarte Bergweg
© 2016 Sjoerd van der Wal
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing Zwarte Bergweg
© 2016
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing Zwarte Bergweg
© 2016 Drehscheibe - KBS435

Here are my own photos of the level crossing where the accident occured.

The photos show the direction of the car - the deep grooves that the Mercedes tires made - and the very clear view any driver had of the railroad line.

Not surprisingly many comments from witnesses and online were about elderly women drivers.

Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing
Approaching the level crossing from Beekbergen Station
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing
Getting closer
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing
Right before the track
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing
Where the train came from
Terug Naar Toen 2016 accident level crossing
The car-drivers view towards the train


I had expected to see more drones, but I only saw one once - just south of Loenen Station.

But there were some young photographers that had come up with a novel idea, that I hadn't seen before - anywhere.

I'll let my pictures speak for themselves,
- but some photographers will stop at nothing to get pictures of the train-roofs.

They drove around from place to place and had obviously made a tight, but carefull, schedule.

Terug Naar Toen 2016 crane lift

In case you are wondering :

Crane-lift for hire

Price - september 2016 :

565,- euro for 2 days.

Various photos.

Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Morning mist and steam smoke
Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Line of photographers
Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Beekbergen Station
Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Beekbergen Station
Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Beekbergen Station
Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Train going to Loenen
Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Transfering locomotives
Terug Naar Toen 2016 morning mist
Transfering locomotives

Final thoughts.

The "Terug Naar Toen" is a great event, that gives you the opportunity to see a lot of steam action within 48 hours.

The ticket-price - in 2016 : Euro 17,50 / day - is quite affordable and will get you free rides on all passenger trains and free entry to Beekbergen and Loenen stations where the "stationary" ( pun intended ) action is.

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