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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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Denmark & trains - Dänemark und züge

During several of my visits to other countries rail-fanners and model-railroaders have asked why I didn't have a section on my website about Denmark and trains in Denmark. So - without further ado :

Contents on this page:
  • Introduction
  • Current railroads in Denmark
  • Railroad Museums
  • Narrow gauge / Industrial railroads
  • Museum railroads with own rail-lines
  • Museum railroads without own rail-lines
  • Locomotives on public display
  • Model railroads
  • Turn-tables and other railroad buildings
  • Trolley-Cycling / Cycle-Trolleys in Denmark

  • Introduction

    Danish names are marked like this.

    Download my Google Earth KMZ-file (current version: 2014-01) with train-related POI's in Denmark.

    They will come in handy when you want to explore Denmark as a train country and want to know where the different towns, museums and rail-lines are - geographically speaking.

    Please do remember that geografical names in Denmark often use the special Danish characters » Æ « » Ø « » Å «.

    Æ = AE
    Ø = OE
    Å = AA. "AA" and "Å" can both be used !

    Most, but not all, Danish train-related websites also have information in English - a few even also in German.

    To help you pinpoint a place in Denmark : Zip-codes in Denmark :

    1000 - 1999 = City of København.
    2000 - 3699 = Island of Sjælland.
    3700 - 3799 = Island of Bornholm.
    4800 - 4899 = Island of Falster.
    4900 - 4999 = Island of Lolland.
    5000 - 5999 = Island of Fyn.
    6000 - 6999 = Southern part of peninsula of Jylland.
    7000 - 7999 = Western, north-western and middle part of peninsula of Jylland.
    8000 - 8999 = Eastern part of peninsula of Jylland.
    9000 - 9999 = Northern part of peninsula of Jylland.

    On this webpage I will link to Danish websites, simply because these otherwise might be difficult to find for a foreigner. Links are main links - not deep links (webmasters tend to change deep-link-urls anyway ), so you have to explore the websites by yourself.

    Finally - this page was written in 2014. You should always check for updates. Links were last checked March 2016.

    Please contact me, if you find any dead links or think that information should be added or updated.

    Dansk Jernbane-Klub ➚ is THE organization to be a member of
    if you are interested in Danish trains - whether current or museum trains.

    Download info-folder ( Danish ) as pdf. [ 2,2 MB ]

    railmap Denmark 2013

    Current railroads in Denmark

    The rail-system in Denmark is owned / run by the "BaneDanmark" ➚

    The main train operator is the "DSB" ➚, which used to be the only operator untill the EU decided otherwise.

    Current ( 2014 ) rail-lines in Denmark :

    Download railmap (big) as pdf. [ 397 KB ]

    As you can see the railnet in Denmark is rather simple; like an "H" or "h" if you like.

    You will also notice that there are no alternative routes to use if an accident occurs on one of the main lines.

    So "train-busses" are widely used in case of accidents or maintenance work.

    The Danish television "Danmarks Radio ( DR )" has made a TV-series "On Rails" - "På Skinner" of cab-ride-videos actually covering all Danish rail-lines.

    Most of these videos can be found on the internet.

    Railroad Museums

    • The main railroad museum "Danmarks Jernbanemuseum" ➚ is in Odense on the island of Fyn. Well worth a visit.
      The museum is owned by the DSB and supported by the BaneDanmark.

      Video from the museum. ( © Danmarks Jernbanemuseum )

    • "Djurslands Jernbanemuseum" ➚ is in the town Ryomgård on the island of Jylland.

    • "Gedser Remise" ➚ is in the town Gedser on the island of Falster.

    • "Struer Jernbanemuseum" ➚ - also known as "Midt- og Vestjyllands Jernbanemuseum"
      is in the town Struer on the island of Jylland. Opened in October 2015.
      Their Facebook-page

    • The tramway museum "Skjoldenæsholm" ➚ is between the cities Roskilde and Ringsted on the island of Sjælland. Also worth a visit.

    Museum railroads in Denmark

    The last regular steam train in Denmark ran in 1970. The NOHAB diesellocomotives simply were faster, cheaper and more efficient. In the later years electrical locomotives have taken over from the diesels.

    Several museum railroads veteran-jernbaner operate in Denmark. Some own their own rail-lines - others only run on the public rail-lines.

    Of course the ones that have their own rail-lines have it easier, because the public rail-lines are very congested and safety-regulations, incl. new signal systems, makes it harder for them to be allowed to run out amongst the real trains.

    Some run steam-trains, others steam and diesel, and again others only diesel. You should check the current schedule for each museum-railroad in order to verify whether a steam-locomotive will run or not.

    Please also note that old steam-locomotives are prone to sudden breakdowns, and that driving with a steam-locomotive might be prohibited during very dry weather because of the fire-hazard.

    Narrow gauge / Industrial museum railroads - Industri-veteranbaner

    These museum railroads, by nature, ONLY run on their own rail-lines.

    West of the Great Belt Bridge

    East of the Great Belt Bridge

    Museum railroads - veteran-jernbaner - with own rail-lines

    These museum railroads run mainly on their own line, but do make occasional tours on the public rail-lines.

    West of the Great Belt Bridge

    East of the Great Belt Bridge

    Museum railroads - veteran-jernbaner - without own rail-lines

    These museum railroads ONLY run tours on the public rail-lines.

    All of Denmark

    • "Danmarks Jernbanemuseum" ➚ and "DSB Museumstog" ➚

      "DSB Museumstog" is owned by the DSB and it is part of the "Danmarks Jernbanemuseum".

      Activities are divided into the Jylland and the Sjælland districts.
      This division originates from the time when there were ferries across the Great Belt. Now there is the Great Belt Brigde and railroad tunnel ➚ with its many safety regulations, that makes it difficult, but not impossible to run museum-trains between the regions in Denmark.

      The Jylland district is centered around the towns of Randers, Lunderskov and Odense where the main depots are.

      The Sjælland district is centrered around the depots in the towns of Roskilde and København.

      Tours can be on any public rail-line in Denmark and can be with steam-locomotives, with NOHAB diesels type "MY" or some kind of railbus.
    • Nordisk Jernbane-Klub

    West of the Great Belt Bridge

    East of the Great Belt Bridge

    Locomotives on display in Denmark

    • MX 1035 - was on public display in Struer untill August 2014.
      Now placed in "Struer Jernbanemuseum" ➚ ( opened in October 2015 ).
      Also known as "Midt- og Vestjyllands Jernbanemuseum".

    Model railroads in Denmark

    There are several possibilities to watch model railroad layouts in Denmark.
    • Public layouts ( free to see - but trains require coins to run ) in train stations :
      • København Central Station
      • Århus Central Station
      • Aalborg Central Station
    • Commercial ( with entrance fee ) layouts :
    • Layouts in model railroad clubs :
      These layouts can generally only be visited by invitation / appointment only. Contact the club directly.
    • Garden railroad and bigger scale railroads :
      • "Brandhøjbanen" - 7,25" - 184 mm track. Near Hedehusene on the island of Sjælland.
        ( Free but small fee to ride the trains ).
    • Layouts in museums ( with entrance fee ) :

    Turntables and older train buildings in Denmark

    Download and see the Google Earth KMZ-file for a list of all turntables and interesting train buildings in Denmark.
    Stations can always be interesting, so stations are NOT included in the KMZ-file.

    Trolley-cycling / Cycle-trolley / Track bike in Denmark

    Bahnfahrrad - Schienenfahrrad - Bahnrad

    As more and more public railroad-lines are shut down, the tracks can either be pulled up or the rail-line can be used for a museum railroad or cycle-trolleys.

    Trolley-cycling is very important in order to try to keep the tracks from being pulled up. Once the tracks are gone the chances of getting a new museum railroad are gone.

    Enviromentalists and bicycle-organisations prefer a paved bicycle route in stead of railroad tracks.

    In Denmark you can bike on a cycle-trolley in 5 places ( 2014 ) :
    end of line

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