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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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Airfix is a name well known for plastic kits of just about anything; airplanes - ships - tanks - cars - rockets etc., but Airfix actually also was quite big in the railroad department, although this was almost only within the UK.

Airfix trains today ( 2015 ) is basically HORNBY - a well known UK manufacturer of model railroad.

Airfix (UK) had in the 1960ties a rather wide line of plastic kits for the model railroad in scale 00.

Scale 00 is generally scale 1:76 but the tracks were normal H0 ( 16,5 mm ). Scale 00 ( 1:76 ) is a particular UK "thing".

You would be able to run / place the Airfix cars on normal H0 track, but the cars would seem a little too big.

On top of that typically UK cars ( scale 1:1 ) would be smaller than the mainland-european cars.

The Airfix line included locomotives, freight cars and various train-related buildings and accessories :

Links regarding vintage Airfic model railroad

Airfix Plastic Railway Kits

Vintage Airfix

Airfix vintage train kits can still be found on mainly

I've only had 2 Airfix train kits :

airfix brake van airfix stevensons rocket

Both kits were ok to assemble, but they needed carefull painting to be just a little realistic.

Neither kit would really be able to run on any track, but they would be great to just sit around on a layout, or if Stevenson's ROCKET; be placed as a museum piece / monument in front of a railroad station.

No doubt the rest of the kits would also be best for just standing on a side track on a layout; however the price and effort of a kit compared to a cheap i.e. LIMA car that could be weathered makes it unlikely that these kits will be anything more than a collectors item - con amore.

AIRFIX also had a ready-to-run train-set : Airfic Railway System ( Scale H0 ) - again little known outside the UK, and it was only from around 1976 - 1983.

Airfic Railway System can still be found on

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