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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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Logo : © FALLER

FALLER is the last independant remaining company of the 3 big manufacturers of model buildings
that I remember from my childhood : FALLER, Kibri and Vollmer.

FALLER began production in 1948 shortly after WW2.

FALLER was known for creating motion in their buildings and for using water.

Rotating signs on top of buildings - wind-mills with moving wings - streaming real water in fountains and water mills.

FALLER bought POLA in 1997. The "H0" and "N" scale buildings were continued as FALLER items.

The "G" scale buildings are continued as "POLA".

I remember FALLER for 4 things :
  • The motion
  • The color of the plastic
  • The FALLER AMS ( AUTO Motor Sport )
  • This petrol-station :
FALLER 217 petrol station service
This is perhaps one of the first kits that I remember from my childhood.

So wonderfull in its detail and then again - too small for the Wiking cars - or the cars were too big ?

The clear plastic was a pain to work with.
In my childhood there was no liquid cement - only glue you pressed out of a tube.

The colors were so bright and un-real. Especially FALLER's white plastic was remarkable.

FALLER was all about motion from way back around 1960 :

Buildings had signs that rotated. Sign could be SHELL - VW or as here : the Mercedes star :
FALLER 215 cafe station

... or a Coca-Cola sign on top of a high city building :
FALLER 905 building

Water mills with real water falling down on the wheel and then pumped back to the higher level :
FALLER 225 water mill

Water fountain with real water :
FALLER 160 water fountain

Working wind mill :
FALLER 231 wind mill


FALLER AMS was a car-system that also could to be integrated with the model railroad.

FALLER AMS was marketed as 3-things-in-one :

As traffic toy :
FALLER ams 4003
As a race-track :
FALLER ams 4004

As integrated with the model railroad :
FALLER ams 4731 FALLER ams 4733

FALLER even introduced a railroad car and a ramp,
so that the FALLER AMS cars could drive onto a railroad car and then be transported by rail.

It actually working very well as can be seen on several Youtube videos.

Search words : "FALLER" + "AMS" + "autoverlad".
You must remember the "AMS" - else you get the new FALLER car-system.

FALLER ams 4005
Photo © FALLER AMS Club Sweden

FALLER Car System

FALLER now-a-days has their newer car-system that continues to be electronically and digitally updated.

MiniaturWunderLand in Hamburg uses the car system a-lot.

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