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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

New :

  • Scale and size
    • 5", 1, LGB, H0, TT, N, Z

  • Electricity - Electronics
    • Turnouts
    • Signals
    • Light barrier

  • Real trains ( scale 1:1 )
    • Real trains - scale 1:1
    • Selection of train videos


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POLA was ( and is ) a company that produce plastic kits of buildings for the model railroad.

POLA was founded in 1957 by Horst Pollak. Faller bought Pola in 1997.

POLA used to make buildings in H0 and N and was one of the first to make buildings in G scale.

The G buildings are continued by Faller under the "POLA-G" name, while the other scale buildings are incorporated into the ordinary Faller line.

Ingo Mögling is a devoted POLA-fan.

His website ➚ contains all possible information about POLA and the POLA plastic kits.

The POLA kits were ( and are ) very precise and true to scale.

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