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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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Please note that Preiser's official website is at
( "" is run by Modelleisenbahn Center Schüler in Stuttgart )

Preiser makes the little-people that populate our model railroad layouts.

Preiser not only makes little-people but also a variety of accessories to the model railroad; e.g. carts, lorries, railroad equipment etc.

Preiser is another of the good old companies, that I remember from the 1960ties.

At that time there were two producers of model-people; Preiser and Merten.

Merten was based in Berlin. Preiser in Bavaria.

At some time during the 1990ties Preiser bought Merten.

Preiser had in 1983 bought Hausser who made figures in Elastolin. Hausser was based in Neustadt - close to Sonneberg where PIKO resides. Funny enough Neustadt was in the BRD - Sonneberg was in the DDR.

Preiser has its produktion in 2 places in Germany and in Mauritius ( Island in the Indian Ocean ). The head-office in Steinsfeld north of Rothenburg o.d.Tauber is not big enough for the actual production, so Hausser's plant in Neustadt would be the other.

Mauritius is an interesting choice for painting the Preiserleins. Obviously the quality and the wages are competitative to China.

The German TV ZDF had in 2009 a short ( 15 min. ) story by journalist Gert Anhalt about Preiser in the series : "Bin mal Mini-Deutschland".

Today NOCH would be viewed as Preiser's main competitor.

There are also producers who sell some little-people that are more simple - with fewer details and painted more crude.

They are mostly to be used in large crowds i.e. a concert or soccer-game.

But Preiser is still the company that gave the name to the little-people that we put on the model railroad layout and inside the trains : "The Preiserleins".

As you can see on ➚ it is still a craft to make the little people.

I've seen Preiser's artist work at several fairs and it is always impressing to watch him sculpt a model from scratch.

He actually does a 3D-print by hand - putting layer upon layer untill the shape is correct.

His work is very impressive. I only hope that computers and 3D-printing will not make him un-employed, but I fear that is exactly what will happen.

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preiser preiser

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