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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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vollmer logo
Logo : © Vollmer

Vollmer is / was a German producer of plastic kits for model railroads since the 1950ties.

What is less known is that Vollmer also produced many of the plastic parts for Porsche cars.

Vollmer kits are generally of high quality with many details.

In the beginning of 2014 it was official that Vollmer would stop production around summer 2014.

The factory and the ground in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen was bought by their neighbor; Porsche Automobiles.

But what about the original Vollmer molds ??

It was for some time uncertain if someone would buy the Vollmer molds and continue producing the kits.

Speculations were that Märklin, who already had some of the Vollmer buildings produced as Märklin products, would take over - or that Auhagen or another company would buy the Vollmer molds and product-line.

Finally in late summer 2014 it was announced that Viessmann had taken over the Vollmer product line from mid-september 2014, apparently just like Viessmann had continued the KIBRI brand. Press-release in english.

Vollmer wrote in 2013-2014 the following about themselves on their website :
History of the Vollmer Company, and a portrait of Wolfram Vollmer.

Like a lot of medium-sized companies the history of the Vollmer Company is neatly tied to the founder, Wolfram Vollmer.

He was born 1924. After school, an apprenticeship, a study as an optician and the individual planning of a young man - as so many others at that time - was interrupted by World War II.

As a soldier he was wounded and put into captivity. With his return back home, the Vollmer Company was founded with entrepreuneurial courage. The young enterprise produced just those things, which were needed the most at that time, e.g. metall collar buttons.

After the currency reform, everything changed, also the demand. Plastic collar buttons were requested and so the switch to plastic injection technology was the future orientation for Vollmer.

The entré into model railway accessory business was made in 1948. One year later, on the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Vollmer introduces a patented catenary system for model toy trains, H0 gauge. Shortly after that, the first model houses were produced.

Additional to that, industrial goods production began. Until today Vollmer is manufacturing high precision parts for all kind of industries.

The number of articles, of personnel and sales are growing. Soon new buildings are necessary.

The guidelines for all these years

products of highest quality
customer orientation
esteem of employees
environmental protection

are still valid until this very day.


1946 The company was founded
1949 Visit of the first Toy Fair in Nuremberg, presentation of the patented catenary
1954 Production of Model Railway Accessories - 13 articles
1956 First IBM EDP machine; the first company building was built
1973 Enlargement and new buildings were built
1980-1988 Market introduction of Patrizierhouses, romantic series, with interior decoration and lighting included; big city houses as well as the Vollmer Black Forest Hospital.
1992 Introduction of CAD/CAM in the construction and mould making departments
1995 Third price at the county contest for women and familiy oriented companies
2000 Quality Management is officially introduced: first certification after VDA 6.1; Millenium
2002 Introduction of the Euro
2004 Reorganisation of office organisation and EDP-System
2005 Presentation of Pope Benedikt XVI Birth Place
2006 First time in the Vollmer Company's history, the 60th Company's anniversary is celebrated with two open factory days
2008 Vollmer offers about 1000 articles for model railway

The number of articles, of personnel and sales are growing. Soon new buildings are necessary.

Today the Vollmer company is a modern and future oriented company, which produces at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen about 1000 articles.

Vollmer susanne tochtermann
Photo : © SWR - Eisenbahn-Romantik

I had the great pleasure of meeting the current director, "Firmenchefin", Susanne Tochtermann, born Vollmer, the daughter of Wolfram Vollmer, on various fairs and exhibitions, where she took a personal interest in the company; - giving the company a "face".

A very pleasant person to talk to.

The Vollmer kits are now produced by Viessmann, who so far has kept the old Vollmer ➚ website.

You can still download the assembly-instructions from the Vollmer website.

Worth noting :
The previous 4-digit Vollmer item-Nos. have additionally a "4" in front now.
Example: H0 Trainstation Neuffen, previous item No. 3510 - new item No. 43510.

I have always liked the Vollmer kits.

They are very detailled and the plastic colors are soft and easy to paint.

The parts fit very well together, and they are generally easy to assemble. The instructions are logical.

Being from Stuttgart, Vollmer style was oriented towards Baden-Württemberg and Bayern.

Vollmer has a lot of alpine and rural buildings to use in a country scene.

There was a variety of different stations to choose from.

Vollmer does not have a lot of movement / moving items as i.e. Faller was known for, but they have a lot of detail; often several pieces to put together where other manufacturers would do with one piece.

Take a look at these examples of typical Vollmer kits that I remember way back from the 1960ties :

vollmer bridge vollmer pedestrian bridge vollmer control tower
Photos © Vollmer.

Go to this page to see more of my own VOLLMER kits.

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