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Märklin : "Start up" ➚ marklin märklin logo

Märklin trains are from 2014 divided into 3 different brands :
  • "my world"
  • "Start up"
  • "Märklin"
The "Start up" brand is almost the same as the original Märklin toy trains, that we have known since the 1950'ties and the "Hobby" brand from (officially) around 1991.

In fact from the 1970ties Märklin would continue to produce and sell all their "old cars" in the "crude" version, while Märklin would introduce newer models in an ever finer and more detailed quality.

So Märklin, from the 1970ties, in fact had 2 quality brands; The old stuff, and the newer stuff. Märklin just had trouble with getting the names right !

märklin start up I don't know whether its on purpose or just pure chance, that Märklin has chosen the name "Start up", since its is very close to the VW car model "Up" : "take up", "move up", "life up" and "high up".

Actually the VW-group have a trainee program called "StartUp".

We'll have to see whether either Märklin or VW can live with sharing the name.

As far as I can see, neither Märklin nor VW own any relevent domain-names with "start-up" or "startup" in the URL.

So basically "Start up" is for the 6 - 12 year old children; - as Märklin writes : "Märklin my world bekommt einen älteren Bruder" - "my world" gets an older brother.

While "my world" clearly is a "toy" - "Start up" is almost a real model railroad - but not quite. "Märklin" is the real model railroad.

"Start up" is in fact just the "upper" end of the previous "my world" brand.

The "Start up" brand clearly is more "pop-culture" and more colorfull than the "HOBBY" series were.

IMHO "Start up" is a natural migration from "my world", but there is a quantum jump from "Start up", which supposedly ends at around 12 years of age, and up to the "Märklin" high end brand.

I can't envision 13 year old children playing with the fragile and detailled "Märklin" locomotives and cars.

"Märklin" is a model railroad, that either can be put on display or run on a real layout.

But then again - at age 14-15 boys tend to get interested in cars and girls - forgetting the model railroad.

If you want further information about "Start up" you can visit the Märklin Start up Club


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