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Märklin : My diorama "Gstein"

In the Märklin Magasin # 3 in 2019, Märklin announced a "Bier-deckel-wettbewerb" :

diorama gstein

A competition to make a small diorama on a beer-coaster - or a piece of 9x9 cm wood.

So after getting a, so I thought, good idea, I began building the diorama in late June untill the middle af July.

This is how the construction of "Gstein" proceeded :

Marklin diorama gstein Marklin diorama gstein
Marklin diorama gstein Marklin diorama gstein
Marklin diorama gstein Marklin diorama gstein
Marklin diorama gstein Marklin diorama gstein
Marklin diorama gstein Marklin diorama gstein

  • I started by cutting a piece of curved K-track to fit. I used a curved piece because it would give an extra dimension to the otherwise very small 9x9 cm area. A straight track would high-light the 9x9 cm dimensions. The curved track would soften that.

  • The tunnel-portal, an old Faller model, was then put and cut into place. The ground was painted earth color, and the tunnel sides were cut into shape. This was rather difficult since it should fit with the wooden side-pieces.

  • Then the ballast / gravel was placed and then glued with the usual mix of glue, water and sulfo. The rails were painted rusty on the side. The sleepers were highlighted with wood-color. Along the track the ballast was painted dirty and small deposits of coal was placed on the side.

  • I then focussed in coloring the ballast and the tunnel portal making sure to change nuances all the time.

  • I then created the top out of normal styrodur, trying to imitate an alpine rock section with limited grass. I made the protective wooden rail and the metal rail, metal paint, at the foot-path.

  • Final touches were to use several nuances of water colors ( grey-dirty and green-yellow ) to make a un-even impression color-wise, dirty up the places where smoke from steam trains would have deposited coal dust over the years and to put the figures into place.

  • Finally the sides were painted in an exhibition color; brown in front and on the sides.

    I sent it to Märklin before July 31, 2019.

    The dioramas would then be displayed at the Märklineum untill the Märklin Tage in September 2019, where I then presumed that I could bring my diorama back home.

    Well - on thursday before the Märklin Tage I visited the Märklineum and saw to my big surprise that my diorama was displayed on the top shelf with a sign next to it : "Platz 1".

    diorama gstein

    What a fine start to the Märklin Tage.

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