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Märklin : My layout "Werfenburg"

On this page I'll present my layout "Werfenburg".

"Werfenburg" is a "working title".

Since the layout is currently ( ) in the design-stage
I will be changing this web-page as the layout evolves.
Text and pictures will disappear or will be changed.

1 - Where to have the layout

Luckily, in our new house, I secured a shed / annex for my modell-railroad.

The building has one door - two rooms - 3 windows and is about 6,5 x 3,5 meter :

annex size

Supporting walls are black - non-supporting is green - windows are blue - door / door-opening are red

My initial plan calls for an along the walls layout with tracks going through the (thin and non-supporting) wall between the two rooms :

layout plan 000

( I've always wanted to have trains run though the walls )

2 - First layout plans

I am using Märklin C-track. Slim-style turnouts are used in all visible tracks.
Of course this means smaller stations, but more pleasing to the eye.

I have - yet again - redesigned the levels :

Lower "schattenbahnhof" :

Werfenburg lower schattenbahnhof

This hidden staiton can accomodate passenger trains up to a length of 3 meters;
locomotive and 8-9 coaches.

And the tracks are laid :
Werfenburg lower schattenbahnhof Werfenburg lower schattenbahnhof


end of line

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