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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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eisenbahn romantik
Picture / Logo © SWR - Eisenbahn-Romantik

"Hagen von Ortloff"and "Eisenbahn-Romantik" are 2 household names; at least in Germany.

If you don't know either check these 2 links :

Hagen von Ortloff ➚ at SWR's website

SWR - Eisenbahn-Romantik ➚ - Official website

Eisenbahn-Romantik started as just a temporary "pause / filler" program, if the network didn't have anything else to broadcast, but quickly grew VERY popular, so Eisenbahn-Romantik was given its weekly spot; 30 minutes of pure train videos.

While these 30 minute shows, and the special 45 minute shows "Mit dem Zug durch ..." ( with the train through... ) especially on the TV-channel "ARTE", are taped in advance, the occasional "Lange Nacht der Eisenbahn" ( The long Railroad night ) is broadcast live with Hagen von Ortloff in the studio interviewing guests and presenting smaller video segments. This show is literally broadcast all through the night i.e. 6 hours from 23:00 till 05:00.

eisenbahn romantik
Picture / Logo © SWR - Eisenbahn-Romantik

Program details

Die faszinierende Welt der Schienen The signature tune is the classic Sentimental Journey ( mp3 - file ) ➚ with its classic sax arrangement, played by "Erwin Lehn & seinem Südfunk Tanzorchester" ( the Southern Radio Dance Orchestre ).

The video intro is of the 750 mm narrow-gauge steam-locomotive "99 633", built in 1899 in "Maschinenfabrik Esslingen" near Stuttgart from the Museumsbahn Ochsenhausen-Warthausen ( the "Öchsle" )

The intro video was filmed in the spring of 1989 for a program about the locomotives 90th birthday.

The video intro was edited, styled and shortened when the TV-format was changed from 4:3 to 16:9 in 2006.

The "99 633" was retired from service a few years after the video was shot.

The locomotive then was put on display till about 2011 when the work restoring the 99 633 began.

You can follow the 99 633 ➚ and even donate money for the work still needed to be done.

In the book "Die faszinierende Welt der Schienen" from 2007, you can read not only how Eisenbahn-Romantik started but also more about the 99 633, who supposedly is the most viewed locomotive on TV world-wide, because it has appeared during the title-sequence of Eisenbahn-Romantik for now ( in 2014 ) more than 800 programs.

Since each program has had several re-runs on various other German networks it is hard to argue with that claim.

eisenbahn romantik logo
Picture / Logo © SWR - Eisenbahn-Romantik


Eisenbahn-Romantik always caters for everybody;
  • German and foreign trains / railroads
  • scale 1/1 trains and model-trains
  • main-line and obscure narrow-gauge railroads
As long as it rolls on tracks - Eisenbahn-Romantik will do a video about it.

Download the complete list of shows from Eisenbahn-Romantik from 07. April 1991 till 31. December 2013

Eisenbahn-Romantik ( of course ) has its own channel on Youtube
and is ( naturally ) on Facebook

Eisenbahn-Romantik has also arranged several trips on trains; preferably with steam-locomotives in front. "Dampf-frossers" as Hagen von Ortloff affectionately calls the old steam locomotives.

Eisenbahn-Romantik produces and sells a railroad-calender, to fill that blank spot on your wall.

eisenbahn romantik club
Picture / Logo © SWR - Eisenbahn-Romantik

Finally Eisenbahn-Romantik has a Eisenbahn-Romantik Club

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