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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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Railroad Security

Selfies are dangerous

Never - EVER - stand on or between rail-tracks.

Last selfie - 3 dead teeanagers
Photo © Union Pacific
Last selfie - 3 dead teenagers.
Last moments
( )

Be carefull when you are train-spotting

These few videos - from YOUTUBE - and © their respektive uploaders - CLEARLY show,
that trainspotters are prone to be caught in the moment - and also caught by another train.

Also watch my youtube playlist ➚ about railroad safety.

2 videos of the same luckiest guy in UK

From :
Trainspotter nearly hit by train in Suffolk - © Cliffbrook1

From :
Man almost gets hit by a train! Really close! - © Luciano Jesus

Lesson learned :
NEVER stand close to the rails.
Use the ZOOM instead.

Lucky guy at Harpers Ferry, WV.

From :
CSX Train nearly hits inattentive guy--very, very close call ! - © Doug Obert

Lesson learned ( again ) :
NEVER stand close to the rails.

Press conference about train safety

( Contradiction in terms )

From :
Senator Richard Blumenthal Nearly Hit By Train During Press Conference About Commuter Safety - © MediaNews

Lesson learned ( again - again ):
NEVER stand close to the rails.
No matter what you are trying to do.

Dumb - stupid - trainspotter

From :
Young trainspotter is nearly flattened by a huge freight train - © TomoNews US

No lesson learned for that guy.
Keeps filming no matter what happens.
I wonder if he is dead or alive today.

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