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MÄRKLIN & RAILROADS : A personal view by Christian Vinaa

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Written by
Christian Vinaa - February 2017

"That's how I see it . . ."


Märklin in 2015 made the 44734 :
marklin 44734
2 pictures above and below : © Märklin

and now in 2017 the 44736 :
marklin 44736

These cars are of course "toys" and not "model railroad" items - however they are, as I see it, really important in the quest to keep children interested in model railroad as a hobby.

So is this "cross-over" between Märklin and LEGO / BanBao a new thing ? Not really.

Children have been using their LEGO bricks with the Märklin tracks from the very early days :

From the LEGO 1955 cataloque :
Märklin and LEGO
Märklin and LEGO Märklin and LEGO

Märklin and LEGO
Märklin and LEGO
From www.eurobricks.comMärklin and LEGO

All pictures above show Märklin and LEGO where it funny enough is LEGO that incorporates Märklin in the play.


A video on youtube shows the same scenario : Lego 1958 Commercial ➚ ( "Wir bauen eine Stadt" )

Somehow I think that this is the way to go for Märklin or at least Märklins "my world" line.

Märklin has - of course - produced some, but not a lot, accessories for the "my world" line, but I somehow think that the combination of 2 or more playthings - Lego/Märklin/Playmobil/Brio - is what makes playing fun for a child.

Sticking to an "official" look and the "approved" accessories is of course something that a manufacturer wants children to do - sales-wise - but hardly in tune with a childs imagination and fantasy.

Of course when the child gets older the demands for "realistic" model railroading gets higher and the thought of combining Märklin and Lego looks just plain silly.

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